Persistent, Deadly Heat at the Equator Could Be the Norm by 2100

By Nathaniel Scharping | June 20, 2017 3:09 pm
(Credit: Shutterstock)

(Credit: Shutterstock)

Tuesday in Phoenix, Arizona, the temperature kept some planes grounded.

Phoenix was projected to reach of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, a near-record for the desert city, and hot enough that small planes cannot generate enough lift to fly. Phoenix and other cities have experienced similar conditions before, but only rarely—for now. The grounded passengers got to sit inside an air-conditioned terminal, at least. But in other parts of the world where temperatures are set to soar regularly above 100 degrees this summer, prolonged heat waves are likely to result in more deadly consequences.

Hot, Hotter or Hottest

Right now, roughly one-third of the world’s population experiences more than 20 days of deadly heat a year. That number is estimated to rise to at least 50 percent by 2100, and if carbon emissions continue unabated, dangerous heat waves could strike as much as three-fourths of the world’s population. That’s the sobering analysis outlined in a new study from University of Hawaii researchers, published in Nature Climate Change.

The researchers looked at heat waves from 1980 to 2014 and identified a threshold past which they say conditions of heat and humidity can kill. Pairing their findings with climate predictions for the next 80 or so years, they say that heat-related deaths will become more commonplace.

A week of abnormally high temperatures in July of 1995 killed an estimated 700 people in Chicago, while more recent events have been even more deadly. The 2003 European heat wave killed an estimated 20,000 people across the continent, although the number could be as high as 70,000. In 2010, scorching heat in Russia killed some 10,000 people, many from air pollution caused by wildfires. Hundreds more smaller heat waves around the world have caused fatalities in the past three decades. The young and the elderly are the most at risk when temperatures rise, as well as those in less developed nations without access to air conditioning and medical care.

It’s Not The Heat…

Another important factor is the humidity. When the air is saturated with water, our sweat doesn’t dry as quickly, robbing our bodies of their primary means of heat dissipation. When humidity nears 100 percent, temperatures below 100 degrees can be deadly. Factoring this into their analysis, the researchers estimate that many areas around the equator could see near-constant deadly temperatures by 2100 — rendering them effectively uninhabitable.

Though we can’t change how our bodies react to the heat (at least not on timescales this short), there are ways for society to adapt. Factoring rising temperatures into city planning could help cut down on urban heat islands — cities like Phoenix, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. are already beginning to focus on planting more greenery and using heat-reflective building materials. Stretching as far back as 1998, the EPA has encouraged cities to mitigate temperature increases by adopting more sustainable building practices. Five cities around the country participated in their Urban Heat Island Project, and though the results were positive, it may not have been enough to cope with continued rising temperatures.

Better forecasting and warning systems are another way to cope, giving residents and hospitals more time to prepare. These amount to treating the symptoms, not the illness, however. If we want to truly cool our cities off, we must cool the entire planet.

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  • OWilson

    “Could be”! :)

    But there’s many a slip between cup and lip!

    They should do another “study”, on who’s fortune telling has been most reliable over the last 30 years.

    Answer – None!

    Crystal balls are not all they are cracked up to be!

    • Doc2222

      Neither are what passes for conservatives’ brains.

      • Derek Finlen

        Evidence vs the libmob science. Do the research, you will be surprised by the evidence. Climateology is not a hard fact like gravity. So rant, bully and try to intimidate cause that is what libs do best. I’ll be reading a good journal.

        • Doc2222

          LOL…you’re the guy who would drive across the bridge after 97% of engineers said it was fixing to collapse. Why? Because some politician or right wing talk radio host told you to believe the other 3%.

          • Derek Finlen

            If I did the analysis, yes. Consensus does not equal truth.

          • workn’ man

            Stay strong. Hard, I know, when the mob is screeching their preprogrammed chant

          • OWilson

            You would run over the cliff with the 97% of the other lemmings.

            Didn’t yo mama ever tell that just because the other kids do it……? :)

          • timeforthought

            what you’re talking about is a BELIEF that the 3% are right. Science is more logical. It may feel good to rage against the “machine”, but in this case, the machine is not “Liberals”– it’s science. Since you are a troll and not a climate scientist, I’m going with the educated 97% of those scientists.

          • OWilson

            That “97%” figure is getting a little long in the tooth to be rigorous science! :)

          • Mike Richardson

            Quite right. Weighing the evidence and accepting that the vast preponderance supports climate change is logical, and that is why there is scientific consensus. The supposed “skeptics” here have no such wealth of facts, and so resort to empty political rhetoric, the surest sign that they are followers of a belief system instead of independent and rational thinkers. Arguing that any fact with which they disagree is “Fake news” further proves how badly this unyielding adherence to belief has impaired their reasoning and judgment.

          • OWilson

            If you had even a passing appreciation of science and logic, you would be careful to not to dismiss that 3%. so easily.

            Copernicus, Galileo, Darwin and Einstein were only the 1% of their times. :)

          • timeforthought

            That was from a time when the Catholic church made up things based on a book about belief (the Bible) and their own interests. In the modern era, we have a scientific process that starts with disproving a theory. Since they have proven a correlation between atmospheric emissions and climatic temperature increase (and other correlations and observations), all based on the inability to disprove it amongst scientific peers, the conclusion so far is: human-induced global warming is real, and is increasing.

    • Frenzie Refurthan

      The glacial epoch argument has been debunked numerous times (hint: rate of change), but xkcd put it into comic form for the challenged. (“Earth temperature timeline”). Good luck!

      • OWilson

        The Ice Ages come and go. They are not affected by politics or politicians.

        And did you notice the word, “could” in the headline of the article? :) Yellowstone, Moana Loa, Krakatoa and Vesuvius “could” erupt in our lifetime., A giant California Earthquake “could” destroy San Francsico and L.A. overnight.

        A little familiarity with Beysian logic might help you understand the concept!

  • RebelSoldier

    The heating up of the planet already has left some unimpeachable evidence around us, the bleaching deaths of most of the planet’s coral reefs. They have been around forever but suddenly in the last couple of decades ocean temps are killing them off. Also Carbon Dioxide is getting sucked up by the oceans at tremendous rates and we are seeing a resulting rise in of it in the sea water making it more acidic to calcium, the stuff that shellfish build their shells with. Measuring shellfish shells scientists see a thinning going on. That is a fact and not “a study” like OWison’s comment below implies. Those are two undeniable facts. Heat waves, I’ll grant, are nearly impossible to scientifically connect to identifiable events like global warming, but I think it is fair to say that since we know for a fact what the heat is doing in the oceans we would be ignorant fools to frivolously laugh it off as “a study” when heat waves kill tens of thousands of people. If the seas are heating up then so is the atmosphere no matter what your ignorant morons with a keyboard might “think”.

    • Negative287

      Or maybe, just maybe, some species of animal or fish that we’ve over hunted or over fished, could have had a bigger role in the balance of our ecosystem.

    • William Forbes

      Your concepts are “one dimensional”. Once heat allows interaction with upper atmosphere frigid temperatures, a very stormy condition will arise. Thunderstorms will become more numerous and far more dangerous. A balance will be reached, but it might take much longer than a lifetime. The tipping point will be quickly realized and severe weather will be more common. It will get hotter, but keep your winter clothes handy.

    • Jerry Langford

      Actually there IS now a correlation of 6 weeks between heated Pacific waters and heat waves on the East Coast.

      Google it.

      It’s a new measure to predict heat waves that is reliable based on what’s happening in the Pacific ocean.

      • RebelSoldier

        I have no doubt that heat waves are inherently connected with global warming which is caused by the human over-use of fossil fuels since the invention of the horseless carriage, the internal combustion engine, that replaced the horse in front of the buggy. I don’t doubt your facts, just that they are less publicized (I haven’t read them, which of course is not proof of anything), and they are less unavoidable facts than shrinking shellfish shells in acidic seas full of dissolved C02, which came from a century of fossil fuel use by more and more individuals. Today, in this decade we are losing most ocean reefs, but not all, thank God. I fear that in a decade or two huge global-sized fires will sweep across the last great tropical forests on Earth as increasing droughts turn jungle into kindling. Another bitter step along the road that appears to be leading the Earth in the direction already blazed for us In Haiti, and the once fertile crescent in Iraq and Syria that 10,000 years ago were tree covered savannas and swamps that birthed our human civilization. I think we will live to see Miami Beach under water (Miami can’t be protected behind a dam because it is built on porous limestone and water will rise inside the dam as high as outside it) and the great forests turned into smoke factories that will make our air often unbreathable. And I don’t think we will have to wait too long to see it.

        • nik

          1. ”I have no doubt that heat waves are inherently connected with global warming which is caused by the human over-use of fossil fuels since the invention of the horseless carriage, the internal combustion engine, that replaced the horse in front of the buggy.”

          Total GARBAGE!

          CO2 has had NO EFFECT on climate in 600 million years, and has not now!

          2. ”…acidic seas full of dissolved C02,

          More GARBAGE!

          The seas are not acidic, and they have always been full of CO2, thats what sea shells are formed from, and the thousand feet high cliffs of chalk and limestone that exist world wide.

          Less than _2 parts per million, per year_ increase in atmospheric CO2 over the last 100 years, can have no effect on climate when 7000 ppm had NON!

          In fact, that minor increase may have just saved all life on the Earth from total extinction, which could have occurred if the increase had been reversed to a loss instead.

          • OWilson

            Many of the assumptions that are read off by rote as “settled science”, are a little more interesting, as you point out above.

            A volcanic eruption containing enough pollution to last a lifetime can can plunge the Earth into a long artificial winter, not a burning desert.

            One factor does not just have one effect, it can set off many outcomes.

          • nik

            There is a volcano in Africa, that ”seeps” as much CO2 in a day as the US emits in a year, so in one year it emits as much CO2 as the US has since the founding fathers landed, and more, and has been the cause of wiping out whole villages, and all their cattle overnight. It also seeps methane beneath a lake, which is now being tapped to provide fuel for cooking etc.
            CO2 produced by human activity is absolutely trivial, less than 0.0002% per year.

          • WarningU2

            You and the other people with this rationale have their head in the sand. Sad. 😥 For our children.

          • nik

            If anyone has sand in their head, it has to be you!

            If I was an alien who wished to remove all human life, so I and my species could take over Earth, all I would need to do was remove the tiny remainder of the CO2 in the atmosphere, and all plant life on the surface of the Earth would die, closely followed by all animal life, dependant upon it.
            Mission accomplished. No ”starwars” scenario required!

            ”Sad. 😥 For our children,” all of humanity, and all other life on Earth.

            Get the sand out of your head, stop believing the carbon tax propaganda, and do some research for the reality of life on Earth.

          • OWilson

            If you want to do something for the children, tell the left to stop kicking their selfish and obscene National Debt down the road to THEIR children. Pay your OWN way!

            End that other obscenity, inner city ghetto plantations, run by the Left, with children kept illiterate, with wasted forever dependent on government, and milked for Democratic Party votes!

            Then, we c an talk about the weather, a hundred years from now!

          • RebelSoldier

            You are displaying a lack of any shred of scientific knowledge. Are you mentally ill as well?

          • nik

            Actually, all my points are totally supported by science.
            Yours are just repeated carbon tax propaganda.

    • nik

      You’re so full of misinformation its laughable!
      Lesson 1,
      Shellfish build their shells with CALCIUM-CARBONATE, carbonate is formed with carbon, from carbon dioxide that is dissolved in the sea. Thats why there are deposits of limestone and chalk around the world, some of which are thousands of feet thick. Without CO2 in the oceans, non of that would be possible.
      Lesson 2.
      When the seas warm, they RELEASE CO2! They dont ”suck it up.”
      Lesson 3.
      The Earth is in an ICE AGE and has been for several million years, thats why there are ice caps. If it was not in an ice age, there would be NO ice caps, and global average temperature would be about double the present level.
      Lesson 4.
      The coral reefs have not ”been around for ever”! In geological terms they are extremely recent, and have probably only been around for a few thousand years. There are coral reefs on mountainsides, showing sea levels were hundreds of feet higher in the past, before the Earth entered this present major ice age several millions of years ago.
      Lesson 5.
      If CO2 falls below 150 ppm, all plant life on the surface of the Earth will start to die, closely followed by all animal life dependent upon it.
      The increased atmospheric CO2, caused by humans over the last 100 years or so, may have just saved life on the surface of the Earth from extinction.
      Lesson 6.
      The current level of atmospheric CO2 is the LOWEST it has been since the Permian extinction, 270 million years ago.
      Lesson 7.
      CO2 is NOT a pollutant, its an essential component for ALL carbon based life on Earth, particularly humans, ”… matter what your ignorant morons with a keyboard might “think”!”

      • RebelSoldier

        Carbon dioxide dissolves in seawater — that’s good news. The bad news: As a result of absorbing of all of this carbon dioxide, the pH of seawater goes down, meaning the acidity increases. This increase in carbon dioxide has caused a 26 percent increase in ocean acidity since pre-industrial times. The oceans are expected to rise in acidity by 170 percent by the end of this century.

        Carbon ions are needed by certain organisms to build shells. Organisms like mussels and crabs need carbon ions in order to build their shells and survive. Coral also needs this ion in order to survive. With the rising acidity of the ocean’s temperatures, these ions are disappearing from the ocean and these organisms will have a hard time surviving.
        The projected increase in acidity would be by far the fastest and most dramatic increase in the past 55 million years. 55 million years ago another change in the ocean’s acidity occurred through a natural phenomenon that was much slower than the process that is occurring today. That change in the oceans acidity brought about a mass extinction of a wide variety of marine life. It is unknown what effect this quick change in acidity will have on certain ocean organisms.

        Your other points are also unscientific, unresearched bias.

        • nik

          You have been reading too much carbon tax propaganda,
          The oceans are not acidic, they are salty, which is the opposite.
          All my points are fully factual, and completely scientific, Yours are total carbon tax garbage,

          • RebelSoldier

            The environmental collapse of civilizations is not driven by the majorities, but by minorities with outsized influence, in their societies. Most people recognize that tobacco is unhealthy now, and most people also recognize that burning fossil fuels and gasses is heating up the planet. The problem is that small groups that make money off of fossil fuels propel the dialogue in important parts of the world. In the USA an ignorant lobby supports a small cadre of blood sucking money men who get rich off of fracking and burning petroleum. These small groups can push societies off virtual cliffs in their own greed. They will make money regardless of how the climate is affected by the way they make their money. Read “Collapse, How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed” by Jared Diamond. In a counter-intuitive way it isn’t the mass of people that push a society too far in destroying its environment but powerful cliques that form to keep the destructive behavior going on regardless of any evidence. They put the needs of themselves, their families or their class above that of the world and we all pay in ruin.

          • OWilson

            Ah! that old tobacco argument again! LOL

            For every $10 pack of cigarettes, the manufacturer makes about 40 cents.

            Your government? They make $4.00.

            Follow the money, who you gonna sue?

            It’s the govenment who is killing those folks, not me. I don’t smoke!

          • nik

            While I agree with the principle that societies are driven by minorities, often to their own destruction, your choice of tobacco vs fossil fuels, is seriously flawed.
            When Tobacco was first introduced several hundred years ago it was not regarded as an unhealthy product, in fact just the opposite and was often claimed to have powers to cure all sorts of ills. Its only very recently when the connections to various ills was made that it was recognised as the demon it had always been.
            To then connect this with the burning of fossil fuels has no merit whatsoever.
            As I’ve already mentioned, global temperature, and CO2 at only 400 ppm, is at its lowest level for some 270 million years, and the burning of fossil fuels may have just averted mass extinction of all life on the surface of the planet. Reducing it could set that aside, and mass extinction will then occur.
            There is NO connection between CO2 and climate change, and never has been in the last 600 million years.
            What you fail to recognise is that it is the same type of minority that is claiming that CO2 is the cause of climate change, as those that have caused the collapses of societies throughout human history.

            The reason?

            $$$billions in carbon tax, and the power they will have when societies around the world collapse.

            As you said, ”These small groups can push societies off virtual cliffs in their own greed.”

            You must understand, CO2 is NOT a pollutant, it IS an ESSENTIAL component for ALL life on Earth. Removing it WILL destroy ALL life on Earth.

            The Earth is, and has been in a major ice age for several million years, and if it follows historical and geological climate records, it is an identical event to that which caused ”snowball earth.” As the Earth cools, so the oceans release less CO2, which is why there is so little at present. If history repeats, then eventually there will be no CO2, and consequently no life on the surface of the planet, except maybe bacteria, and algae, on the sea beds, deep under the ice.

          • RebelSoldier


          • nik

            WTF; you find reality a problem?

      • moonymonster

        Ya ever considered our fossil fuels are speeding up the end of this Ice Age? Have you noticed the glaciers and ice caps MELTING like CRAZY? We’re going to kill ourselves at this rate with people like you. Just use your goddamn common sense.

        • nik

          Where do you leave your brain in the mornings, under your pillow for the tooth fairy?
          You obviously believe in government fairy stories, so it seems likely.
          The burning of fossil fuels are affecting the global climate in no way whatsoever. The only effect is local, like it heats the inside of your house when you burn them!
          The southern ice is actually expanding, the northern ice will continue to melt, as it’s the warm ocean currents that are still affecting it. Antarctica is over land, so those effects are absent in the south.
          Have you not noticed that, recently, the lowest cold temperatures have been recorded EVER and also the deepest snow falls, EVER, in both the southern and northern hemisphere? They’ve even had record snow falls in the Sahara Desert!
          This inter ice age is approaching its end, and one of the anomalies of the change over, is that it first gets warmer. Its this warming, which evaporates more water, and therefore causes heavier snowfalls. These last longer before melting, and reflect sunlight. gradually, the permanent snowline increases. The effect is asymptotic, so the permanent snowline advance accelerates.
          From deep sea, and lake core drillings, it has been ascertained that the change can occur in as little as 20-50 years.
          In the last 600 million years, CO2 has had zero effect on climate, even when it was 17 times its present level.
          The Earth is presently in the advanced stage of a major Galactic ice age, which started about 30 million years ago. These occur roughly every 150 million years, due to the solar system entering the arms of the galaxy, during its orbit of the centre of the galaxy. The ice ages are caused by interstellar dust reducing solar radiation reaching the Earth.
          The second sequence of ice ages, superimposed on those are caused by Malenkovitch cycles, and last about 100,000 years, with the inter ice ages lasting about 10-15 thousand years, of that.
          This inter ice age is already about 15,000 years old so the return to a full ice age is imminent.
          The effects on farming, and therefore food supplies will be catastrophic, and the governments of the world are powerless to stop it.
          So what will they do?
          They will do what governments always do, they lie!
          They will tell you there will be a runaway greenhouse, due to CO2, which has not occurred in the last 600 million years, even when CO2 was 7000 ppm!
          They will tell you that you must reduce CO2, or pay them lots of lovely taxes!
          When it starts to get colder, they will tell you, ”success!” we have averted a runaway greenhouse, but when it continues to get colder, and colder, and colder, they will say, ”Oops! We seem to have overdone it!” but by then millions will be dying if starvation, but not the governments, they will be bunkered down in their armoured shelters, full of food.
          Dont worry, tho’ the tooth fairy will save you, or maybe not!

  • Hard Little Machine

    What’s the bad news?

    • 9.8m/ss

      Hundreds of millions of dark skinned refugees from countries where agriculture is failing, and they want to grab your stuff.

      • OWilson

        The world is setting agricultural food production records, year after year, to feed a hungry world.

        And modern tech has barely scratched the surface in the third world.

      • Hard Little Machine

        Sounds like the commute will be a bitch

  • Doc2222

    Fake news! Chinese hoax! Just an evil plot by liberals! The Donaldsky says so!

    • OWilson

      Fake News received another blow tonight when Trump Slayer Ossoff, went down in flames and took $25,000,000.00 in good socialist money with him.

      CNN say’s this points to trouble ion 2018 for the GOP! :)

      Oh, and it’s Hillary still ahead by 14. :)

      • RickFromTexas

        Nah, it just means that the left and center haven’t suffered enough yet under Trump. Give it time, it’ll happen, your track record is to get the US into so much trouble in so many areas that the dems have to rise up and fix everything your side broke.

        You’ve seen this show before, this is just a repeat.

        • Mid West

          Exactly. Hillary and the DNC are evil. To get rid of them we had no choice but to elect the evil class clown to screw everything up. The problem is the DNC is just doubling down with their BS, fueled by fake news at MSNBC. So you are right, it has to get worse before they toss out the rich establishment scum at the DNC and step up with real ideas and a real party to defeat religion, capitalism and corporatism, the triumvirate of greed.

          Right after we let Trump blow up the world and we go back to caves…if the DNC and Hillary, the wh*** of wall street, have their way. If that is what it takes to get rid of Hillary and the DNC, then so be it. After 50 years of lies from the left they are no different than the right and I’m too old to give a s**t any more. Either the left cleans its own house or we WILL bring it all down. We keep screaming it, but nobody is listening. continue at your own risk.

          As for global warming? Rich people got rich off of causing it and you can tax them to hell to fix it…I DO NOT CARE…and I will not make them richer fixing it. Are you really going to continue to side with the rich and cause a ’12 monkey’ reality? The lady with the time machine is the bad one! The Hillary that cannot accept reality, will not give up…and will take us all down with her. Better find a cave.

          • Erik Bosma

            Hey, I could have written that. But I live in Canada. That’s the place that stinks everytime the US farts.

        • OWilson

          Looks like you and Pelosi have a little work ahead of you.

          You gotta get back the White House, Congress, Senate, Supreme Court and most State Legislatures and Governorships.

          They you have to save the Planet from evil Big Oil.

          Better get started! :)

          • nik

            First, they need to sack ALL the members of the legislature that have been bought by cash from ‘corporates,’ and then ban such payments.
            Oh! That would mean they would have no legislature.

          • nik

            Evil Big Armaments are more evil, if not the most. Closely followed by Agro-Chemicals/genetics, Medical Chemicals, etc. where do you stop?

      • Barry Irwin

        You ought to consider a new hobby, as this one surely must be played out by now.

        • OWilson

          See that caption at the top of this section?

          Say’s “Join the Discussion”?

          I think they mean post something “on topic” :)

  • RickFromTexas

    It’s a darned good thing climate change is just a hoax, right republicans?

    Never mind that Delaware sized iceberg that’s about to break loose in Antarctica or Tangier island in Chesapeake bay that’s losing 9 acres a year because the ocean’s rising so fast, all that heat, car exhaust, factory smoke, etc. that we produce goes to heaven or outer space (oops, it’s a vacuum), right?

    Rick Perry blames the ocean and the environment, it’s a good thing we humans have absolutely nothing to do with either of those, right?

    Omg I think my sarcasm button’s stuck in the on position again.

  • Ricardo Ali Fernandez

    President Trump is doing exactly what he said and this is shown in carrying out his promises of keeping his and his family’s rentals full. What else can we ask of a man when he shows he keeps his promises.

  • Cor Aurum

    Original Headline “Persistent, Deadly Heat at the Equator Could Be the Norm by 2100”

    I like mine better, “Mutant Flesh Eating Penguins Invading the Equator COULD be the Norm by 2100.”

  • Brett H

    Near record. So not a new record. Meaning it has been hotter here before? The 90’s seemed to be hotter than they are now, yet 1 day here where it is 120 is suddenly going to be the norm and the world is going to end. No climate cycles or explanation other than we have to spend billions of dollars on… ???? in order to stave off the end of the world.

    • Negative287

      Yes almost 30 years ago it was hotter.

  • Negative287

    That would be great, if it weren’t like 30 years between occurrences and the last 120+ degree heat was a record temp and was actually higher than the two days ago in Phoenix!

    Keep spreading the fear and trying to separate these fools from their money.

    • OWilson

      No, you don’t get it.

      It’s YOUR money they want, like all caring socialists! :)

  • Jim Johnson

    Just remember that it is nearly impossible to link specific heat waves with AGW at this stage despite what the media often claims. If global temperatures continue to increase and the models prove accurate we will see new patterns form.

  • G White

    Have any of these dire predictions ever come true? The answer is no. Look at on all of them, all debunked by time.

    • William Forbes

      One modest volcanic eruption places more harmful chemicals into the atmosphere than humans produce in a year. Mother Nature is like a big balancing act; so even when it gets hot, keep your winter clothes handy – -along with emergency supplies.

  • William Forbes

    Temps will get hotter on the surface of the earth; but just ask any small plane owner how cold it is a few thousand feet above ground. Warming trends may become more numerous over the short haul. When temperature level interactions become more numerous, the worldwide situation will become more volatile until stability returns; sadly, this may take longer than a lifetime. Our solar system is a very cold place, and our current warming trend is an aberration that can change quickly.

  • S Snell

    Conveniently, the threatened disaster is eighty years in the future. Let’s all work ourselves into a lather over something that probably won’t happen if millions of years of Earth history are any guide, which few reading this would live to see anyway, and which we cannot do a thing about!

    By the way, it’s not the heat that kills you, it’s the cold.

    • Frenzie Refurthan

      Conveniently, the consequences of this generations actions will only be visited upon subsequent generations. Our children will be paying for our folly.

      If millions of years of Earth history is our guide, — oh right, it’s not. We’ve only got about fifty years of history to guide us.

      • OWilson

        If history is indeed our guide, we should take note that unscrupulous religious, military, and political leaders keep their subjects indoctrinated, ignorant, illiterate, and angry.

        You only have to see what the Left is doing in the inner city ghettos they control for guaranteed votes, to understand their vision for their Brave New World.

        When was the last time they fired an incompetent teacher, again?

        How they are so willing to throw away bright, beautiful young lives to hate and complete dependency on government largess is the greatest obscenity!

        No thanks!

  • Uncle Al

    The plural of “anecdote” is not “data,” data are not information, information is not understanding. It is Global Progressivism’s task to displace discrete facts with overall ignorance – Klimate Kaos and the Carbon Tax on Everything. Youtube v=sE3g0i2rz4w

    I stand with Trump.

  • JohnAdams_1796

    “dangerous heat waves could strike as much as three-fourths of the world’s population”

    Well, then, nature will solve population problem, it seems.

    • Uncle Al

      2100 AD/CE immolation is a mobile feast. By ~2060 it will be 2200. Ban palm oil-based biofuels!!! The Third World grows jungle grease cheaply and abundantly, ruining everything.

      End of June 2017, California’s mountains are still covered with snow and Colorado recently increased its snowpack. When a given year’s snow does not melt before the next year’s snowfall…that’s an Ice Age.

  • Erik Bosma

    WOW!!! What a sensitive issue, eh? Living in Canada in the Great White North I’ve seen quite a few changes in my lifetime. Are they natural or are they us. Logic tells me that we may still be coming out of the last Period of Glaciation (the Ice Age includes all of the periods of glaciation). But logic also says that burning fossil fuels as much as we have for 100 years must have some effect too. Especially when we can quite precisely measure how much CO2 we have produced compared to the sizes of the atmosphere and the oceans. So it’s kind of like giving a tottering old man a body check. You know he’s going down sometime although he may make it to the couch. But the body check makes that point moot. So why can’t we just agree somewhere in the middle? Yes, it may just correct itself soon (the last glacial in-between time was 10,000 years and we’re at that time now) but let’s not f**k with nature on the other hand. Like they say in the Great White North, “Have a nice day.”

  • nik

    Just as well that the Earth is in an Ice Age, or nothing could fly between the north and south hemispheres, according to this article.
    The way to reduce heat build up in cities? Plant trees, lots and lots of them, and big ones! Trees cool the local climate, by absorbing the suns radiation, and then emitting water vapour, which cools the local area, and by providing shade for those underneath them.
    Napoleon decreed that all the roads of France should be lined with trees for the same reason, so his army(s) could march in comfort, and not get cooked.
    The Victorians did it everywhere they colonised hot climates, as well as in in London.
    They even hybridised a tree specially for the purpose, in London, which has been used worldwide. However, it seems to have been forgotten.
    In France, lots of them have been cut down, due the the habit of young inexperienced drivers having an uncontrollable urge to commit suicide by ramming them with their cars.
    Projecting current temperatures to 2100 is highly speculative, and I certainly wouldn’t place bets on it!

    • OWilson

      If the projections of the what they used to call The Greatest Scientific Report in the History of the World, involving thousands of the brightest scientists from at least 120 countries were wrong, in all three discussed scenarios over the last 27 years, image how far off they could be by 2100?

      (IPCC FAR 1990)

      • nik

        He who pays the piper calls the tune!
        When nearly all scientists are government funded, they tow the line! Those who do not, very quickly, find themselves looking for a new profession.
        In the past you would never find a statement by a climate scientist that said, ”CO2 caused by human activity is definitely the cause of global warming.”
        What you saw was, statements like, ”very strongly probable” ,…..”could very like be….” etc.
        The global warming scammers took an incline in the temperature graph, that occurs on a 15-20 year cycle and projected it into the ”stratosphere,” then when the projected temperatures failed to appear, and in fact some of the lowest temperatures on record occurred, they ”moved the goal posts,” and renamed it ”climate change!”
        I feel confident that the climate changes that are being experienced, are the preliminary effects of a return to a full ice age climate. If so, and CO2 levels also drop, the extinction event which is already being reported will accelerate to catastrophic levels, which may be why the ”global warming” scam was initiated, then when it temperatures do start to drop, they can claim ”success” then when most of the worlds population starve to death, they can retire to the safety of their bunkers.
        Not that it will do them much good, as the food stored probably wont last more than ten years.


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