Livestream: The Great American Eclipse

By Carl Engelking | August 21, 2017 10:06 am

Today, I walked into the Discover magazine offices and found myself in a ghost town—I may have even seen a tumbleweed or two drift by as I made my way down the hall to hunker down in front of my computer screen for the day. Indeed, most of mu colleagues (who put their vacation requests in early) are by now somewhere near the path of totality, savoring one of the most awe-inspiring cosmic events we Earthlings can ask for.

Me, well, I’m back here keeping the lights on.

If you happen to be reading this, you’re probably stuck in a similar situation, so let’s make the best of it together. Of course, nothing compares to seeing the sun disappear in real time, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with thousands of people, but the masters of cosmological live-streaming at Slooh are a solid alternative. They’ll have a host of experts talking astronomy for their five-hour broadcast, and they’ll integrate live feeds from observatories stationed along the path of totality.

In addition, I’ll be trolling our social media feeds and digging through the Discover archives to share pics from our editors in the field, random facts and other eclipse-y things that catch my eye today. You can catch all the updates below

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