Barbra Streisand Loved Her Dog So Much… She Cloned It

By Lauren Sigfusson | February 28, 2018 2:22 pm

(Russel James/Variety/YouTube)

It’s rough when a pet passes away. For those that can’t bear to be apart, they can clone their beloved animal. That’s what Barbra Streisand did — not once, but twice.

She recently revealed to Variety that two of her three Coton de Tulear dogs are cloned.  “They have different personalities,” Streisand told Variety. “I’m waiting for them to get older so I can see if they have her brown eyes and her seriousness.”

Cells were taken from the mouth and stomach of her favorite dog, Samantha, before she died in 2017. One cloning method is the somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT): the nucleus from a healthy egg cell is removed and replaced with a nucleus from another cell. That new egg is then planted inside a donor mother, creating a genetic match to the nucleus donor.

That’s how scientists made Dolly, the animal that proved cloning was possible, in 1996. She lived for six years, about half the lifespan of a typical sheep, passing away from a common ailment. However, her siblings lived longer and healthier lives, and since Dolly, scientists have cloned numerous animals including mice, buffalo, and most recently a pair of monkeys.

But you’ll have to dish out some serious cash. Cloning company ViaGen Pets currently charges $50,000 for dogs and $25,000 for cats. The company charges more for dogs because they go into heat less than cats, so it’s often harder to get them pregnant. Yup, your cloned pet comes into the world via a surrogate. All a loving owner needs to do is send ViaGen Pets a tissue sample before their buddy passes away.

Would You Clone a Pet?

I conducted a quick and highly scientific (sarcasm, people) poll asking people around the Discover headquarters, who have either owned a pet or currently own a pet, if they would clone their animal. Sixty percent said they definitely wouldn’t, while 20 percent said they might. The remaining 20 percent said they would clone their animal.

The sample size was only 10 people (like I said, highly scientific), but it did spark many discussions. Some people realized they didn’t really like their past pet, so they’d rather start anew. Others thought it’d be cool in principle, but likely would be too creepy in reality. Some loved their past pet so much that they immediately said yes, beaming at the thought of playing with their furry friend again.

If cloning animals isn’t enough, how about customizing one to fit your preferences? In 2015, Chinese scientists said they created a gene editing technique to do just that. They genetically modified beagles, bulking them up to beefy beagle bros — I sure wouldn’t want to be a mail carrier around those swol’ canines.

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  • Scott Parr

    Babs, you are an a nut.

    • Not_that_anyone_cares, but…

      She made a movie called “Nuts”. Still available on disk.

      • Uncle Al

        When Babs sucks in her lower lip, I am so…disengaged.

  • Uncle Al

    Somebody’s plastic surgeon pulled an all-nighter. Imagine so many many roosters suffering their combs hacked off to make dermal filler sodium hyaluronate. Wymyn must refuse to remove their cute furry mustaches until men chained to lab benches gene-gineer 50 lb roosters with five pound headgear.

    … Babs may have cookie cutter snuggy pooches, too. Whippit good!

  • Boxn

    Wish I could afford it. I would have had everyone of them cloned.

  • susan shelby

    who cares?

  • Bernie Qualheim

    Love your dogs and keep you politics to yourself!!

  • DogmanII

    This is bizarre to say the least…..strange.

  • jimoppenheimer

    It will be intriguing to learn if these clones also die after a short lifespan. The DNA in cells can develop defects over the years. This is one theory for why Dolly died after a very short lifetime. To get a pristine DNA, you need to get that sample very early in the donor’s life.


    It isn’t the same pet with the same memories ; hence, not the same relationship. Just a copy. This is idiotic, but then it IS Streisand …

  • OWilson

    Just shut up and sing!

  • crwre

    100 grand to clone a couple dogs?
    Yeah I understand losing a pet is tough but that would go a long way to helping out a lot of animal shelters.

  • Lorie Willoughby Johnson

    Think how many dogs she could have saved with that $100K…

  • OWilson

    She’s cloned her “fairwell performances” and “retirements” so often, cloning is just a habit!

  • BruceDog

    It would just be physically the same animal.


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