SNAPSHOT: This Startup Says They’ve Made The First Lab-Grown Steak

By Alison Mackey | December 17, 2018 5:00 pm
Aleph farms shows lab grown meat

(Credit: Aleph Farms)

This image captures the world’s first lab-grown steak, created by Aleph Farms, an Israeli based startup. It’s different than standard vegetarian mock meats that attempt to mimic the flavor and texture of the real thing. Instead, lab-grown meat, or “clean meat,” uses actual animal cells.

To grow the meat, Aleph sampled cow fat, blood vessel, muscle and support cells and cultured them in the lab. A three-week process of 3-D tissue formation then brought it all together in a slaughter-free steak that takes about a minute to cook — hence Aleph calling its prototype the “minute steak.”

While still years away from public consumption, replicating the chewy, sinewy texture of a steak is a big leap for lab-grown meat. Would you eat it?


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  • Uncle Al

    Do you have any freaking idea how much it costs to infrastructure, process, supply, clean, and sterilize mass production tissue culture? It is utter madness short of growing melanoma or Henrietta Lacks. Long pig could command a profitable price – plus commission to the donors. Mmmm…Lady GaGa or Whoopie Goldberg (kosher?).


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