Return of the Hi-Tech Condomed Finger!

By Amos Zeeberg (Discover Web Editor) | December 7, 2007 4:45 pm

First there were Google book scanners wearing finger condoms. Now there’s a company selling finger condoms to prevent you from smudging your iPhone screen. Their site says the Phone Finger is “probably the funniest accessory for touch screen enabled devices available,” but I’m not sure that fully encompasses the ridiculousness of this item.

This reminds me of how some iPhone users have complained recently about the feature-not-a-bug that bars you from operating the device while wearing conventional gloves, which could become pretty annoying as the northern hemisphere (where, presumably, most iPhone users spend most of their time) slips into winter, even one blunted by global warming. The Phone Finger people would be better off following the lead of the people who make those Tavo iPod running gloves. Then again, that would probably lose them their funniest-accessory award. The Phone Finger people are geniuses.

  • John Moore

    Why must people interject the “global warming” nonsenese into everything. It’s as ridiculous as the product being sold….

  • Marcus

    The rediculous part about the interjecting of global warming here is that it doesn’t make winters milder. A higher mean global temperature, whether it’s anthropogenic or not, causes more extreme weather. Winters are worse, summers are worse, hurricanes are worse, rains are worse, droughts are worse. It polarizes climate, it’s hotter around the equator keeping it colder towards the poles, and when they mix in between (weather) the reaction is more extreme. The public (and apparently Discover contributers) are so misinformed about global warming it’s laughable. Just for reference, I work for an industrial emissions monitoring company, and everyday we laugh all the way to the bank over the hysteria alarmists have raised about global warming and how it ensures our business for the foreseeable future. If global warming is caused by man, which all of us at my work (and any scientist worth his salt) doubt, then there’s nothing America can do to stop it with China just now ramping up it’s industrialization. In a few years, whatever we prevent will be but a grain of sand to China’s beach of emissions.

  • Anonymous User

    Even though china is churning in large numbers; it is still far less than that of the us. You guys better take carw of your emissions before pointing a finger on others. I Assume your teacher thought you that!!


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