We Call Bullsh*t on the Montauk Monster, the Goat-Sucker, Bigfoot, etc.

By Andrew Moseman | August 15, 2008 3:02 pm

cmonsterMaybe the new X-Files movie awakened all the hibernating conspiracy theorists. Maybe the cycles of the moon are making people crazy. Maybe everybody just wants to get an early start on Halloween this year. In any case, monster season is in full swing.

First came the “Montauk Monster,” the demonic-looking carcass that washed up on Long Island. We’ve been over this one before: It’s a raccoon, not a monster.

Then came the chupacabras—a deputy sheriff in Texas took video of what he believes to be the mythical goat-sucker. At the end of its excitement over the “vampire dog,” The Telegraph finally mentions that “Texan scientists who investigated the case said the animal was likely to be a coyote, potentially crossed with a grey fox.”

Not content with just one old monster myth revival, two guys from Georgia say they have the carcass of Bigfoot in their freezer. They’re holding a press conference in Palo Alto, Calif., this afternoon to unveil their “DNA evidence.” Hopefully the men will allow scientists to actually investigate “Bigfoot,” rather than just releasing photographs and promising it’s the real deal.

While it’s been entertaining to see button-downed news sources like The New York Times and CNN covering monsters and goblins, we at DISCOVER have to wonder: When is it going to end? Will there soon be swell of Internet excitement over a fuzzy picture of Mothra, or an abominable snowman sighting in the Rockies when the weather turns cold?

If your monster fix has yet to be satisfied, though, check out the world map of “sightings.”

Image: flickr/jscatty


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