Chatting With Aliens? Researcher Aims to Create Alien Translator

By Boonsri Dickinson | October 20, 2008 10:30 am

aliens.jpgThe thought of deciphering alien gossip might sound straight out of sci-fi, but at least one scientist sees it as a reality—that is, if a computer program can translate alien chatter into something we can understand. Researchers know how to tell whether an interstellar message picked up from space was coming from a language, image or music, and now John Elliott of Leeds Metropolitan University is taking the interpretation a bit further: He says he has the tools to start deciphering alien languages into words and sentences.

Elliott, the academic leader for Artificial Intelligence in the School of Computing, is hoping to use the power of the computer to decode unknown languages (from Earth or beyond) so he can “aid the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence.” Elliot developed a computer program that analyzes 60 languages around the world, pulled from raw text samples available on the web. He hopes that finding a trend in human expression will help us understand language structure better. There’s a distinct pattern in the way people talk, determined by how much information our minds can understand at a time.

Elliot hopes that amassing human phrases will give us clues to figuring out how an alien language might be patterned. That is of course, assuming they use grammar at all. Or if they even exist. While Elliot thinks alien tongues would be very different than English and other human languages, at least his program might give us a chance of breaking up any extra-terrestrial messages into nouns and verbs.

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Image: flickr/ Frederik Hilmer

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  • gualcer menez

    The so called Alien is a man made term as many refered to as the extra Terrestrial Being.But I dont believe they are Alien for we are all residents of this planet and we were all created as a part of habitants of the universe in general or of the planet earth in particular. It is more proper to say that ” they are here” and not that ” they were here” or ” they are coming ” .In fact they inhabited the earth ahead than us by hundreds of thousand years .Indeed there are lot of creatures other than human, plants or animals as mentioned in the Qouranic texts and even in the biblical texts . They are termed as gins the other are called jud and majud in the Qour’an or gog and magog in christian bible. The jins has the ability to emitate other life forms including animals and humans.The jud and majud is still below ground covered with molten metal which was initiated by one of the great prophet named Dul Carnain.The gins are the unseen being that only God and angels can see. The gins have lunch a furious war to each other both enter territorial and enter planetary war, million of years ago, where Satan was one of them. Human must not be decieved by there physical transformation and pretension of being an Alien.The gins can ride on what are dominant in the human emaginary existense and they can override us from metaphysical to pseudo reality and divert us from the real world then isolate us from our obligatory activities to God.I may sound taboo for the atheist and darwinian advocates but we must be critical also to examine the bridges of history and ancient facts and the Qouranic revealation which science has now proven that what was revealed is really true including the secrets of the earth, the salinity in Gibraltar sill, the constant expansion of the universe, etc. So we must take heed and perform our obligation to God before its too late.Alien concept is only a satanic override, its a waste of time, ignored it and proceed to productive thinking that can save the world from food shortage, environmental degradation,wars, global warming and global depression.God bless us all

  • Ian Parker

    In view of the quality of translation from natural languages, particularly Arabic – English I would have thought that researchers should be concentrating on that.

    Google does not seem to know the difference between fighting Israel and pouring concrete at 50C. Translation – The central air battle. Should be the central climatic battle. Article was about the Aswan Dam.

    This was from text, no question about voice recognition. Anyway with aliens I think we should follow the dictum of everyone speking English. Any race capable of traversing interstellar space will have dceveloped an AI system long ago.

  • gualcer menez

    Any creature aside from plants and algae have there own language, there sentences so to speak and instinct. But to decipher them , its a waste of time while the world is starving and facing the horrible realities brought by mankind and and there wars !

  • Archibald Guapo

    i saw an alien today at safeway


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