The Best Reader Science Halloween Costume, Revealed!

By Nina Bai | November 3, 2008 12:02 pm


Last week we revealed our Top Ten Science Halloween Costumes and asked you to send in your entries. By far the best was from Linda, who writes:

“Since my 3 year old daughter insisted that she had to be an anglerfish, I had to make her one. All the bioluminescence glows in the dark and the eyes glow as well. The light on her head blinks and bobs just like the real thing!!”

The female anglerfish is a natural trick-or-treater. It uses the bioluminescent esca dangling from its head like a fishing pole to lure other fish to its giant jaws. But just as the other fish think they’re in for a treat, the anglerfish reveals its trick and swallows them whole!

This is without a doubt the most adorable deep sea creature we’ve ever seen. Thanks Linda!

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