Boys: If You Want To Get Girls, Don’t Study Science

By Boonsri Dickinson | December 5, 2008 3:20 pm

440226440_dfe9c0216b.jpgThis just in: Nerdy 16-to-25-year-old male science students are the most likely to be virgins of any of 185 students at the University of Sydney, according to a new study. Australian psychotherapist Stephen Carroll asked students in different departments about their sexual past and their knowledge of Chlamydia. While the male science students had the least amount of sex, female art students reportedly had the most, and also knew the least about the common STD.

What’s going on for all those lonely science majors? They’re spending too much time in the lab, according to Carroll. And given that the majority of science classes are still predominantly male, these deprived men probably aren’t going to find dates in their physics or engineering class. Maybe they should consider enrolling in drawing or painting 101.

Credit: flickr/ motoyzf222

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  • Chris

    Which group knew the least about Chlamydia? the female art students or the male science students?

  • Ammy

    Ha! I defy all standards and norms and think that science geeks can be super-hot! My boyfriend is a Chemistry PhD student. Of course, he’s likely a tad more well-rounded than some, doing amateur theater on the weekends. I guess that’s really the key – don’t focus ALL of your energy on one thing, because then you’ll only ever get to do that one thing.

  • Aron

    Can we get a link to the study?

  • Ann Nymus

    Chris, the text is pretty explicit.

  • Ann Nymus

    Just thought I’d add that in case you’ve been here for a year.

  • Katharine

    I think this title should be amended to say ‘if you want to get really dumb, air-headed girls’.

    Also, bars and raves aren’t the only places to find people.


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