EPA Launches "Most Wanted" List of Environmental Fugitives

By Nina Bai | December 11, 2008 3:21 pm

epaJun Wang dumped fuel from his tanker trunk into Little Beaver Creek in Kettering, Ohio. Allesandro and Carlos Giordano, a father and son team, imported and sold cars that didn’t meet U.S. emissions standards. These are just some of the characters on the Environmental Protection Agency’s new “Most Wanted” list of environmental fugitives.

The list is posted on the agency’s website and includes mugshots of 23 people along with their alleged violations and suspected whereabouts. And the EPA wants your help in capturing them. The Web site has information on who to call if you see any of the suspects—it’s usually the Criminal Investigation Division office in the city where they were charged. There are also Wanted posters you can print out.

But don’t, they warn, take green justice into your own hands:

Do not attempt to apprehend any of these individuals,” the Web site declares. In case you’re in Utah, watch out especially for acid-dumping fugitive Larkin Bagget—he’s believed to be armed and dangerous “due to the large amount of weapons in his possession at the time of his arrest.” Most of the fugitives, however, appear to have fled the U.S. and are hiding out abroad, from Belgium to China to the Philippines.

According to the site, only two environmental fugitives were captured in 2008. Maybe they would have more success if they posted a reward—or created a spinoff TV show hosted by John Walsh.

Walter D. James III, an environmental lawyer, doesn’t think the site will do much to stop the environmental criminals of tomorrow: “It’s like telling John Gotti he is a bad man,” he said. “Is that going to matter to John Gotti?”

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Image: EPA

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  • Ronald

    Oh, Jesus freaking Christ. Now let’s start nation wide man-hunts for teenagers who have used a four letter word during a football game. We can issue shoot-to-kill orders to SWAT teams armed with machine guns.

    Has the EPA and the Western world lost its mind?

  • kaizen

    How about remains from an animal processing plant dumped into the water system of your home town? Maybe a big swallow of liquid sewer would produce some four letter words out of your mouth. That’s what the EPA protects its citizens from…get a clue.

  • http://yahoo.com Nan R.

    kaizen, Sorry, I don’t think he has enough to buy a vowel, which he needs – badly. Mr. Ronald, this isn’t about four letter words at a football game. It is about poisoning our water supply which ultimately leads to our food supply which then leads to . . . US. Remember Three Mile Island? We need to protect what we have left. Unless you wouldn’t mind having fuel or acid dumped in your yard, in which case perhaps you’d like to leave your address with the EPA so they can pass it along. Mr. James, III has a point, one has to have a conscience in order to realize and care about others, or for that matter their own families. Thanks, great legacy to leave your children.

  • Tobi

    Ronald, if you have such a problem with people who actually have an interest in science and saving the environment then what are you doing on a website such as Discover? Obviously you are not a scientist, possibly not even fully educated, and as such you are acting as one of the naive reprobates that are the cause of the current condition our world is in. The Western world that you deem so great should be at the forefront of conservation plans in this day and age. By implementing lists such as this the EPA has set the standard for countries around the world that would like to consider themselves major players in global conservation efforts. China especially is starting to take huge steps towards conservation as the world trend shifts towards a ‘green’ movement. But then you might still believe that all Chinese are ‘commie b*****ds’ and that Africa is a country. Certainly the belief that children swearing on the sports field can be compared in severity to the crime of environmental destruction is backwards and naive. If you ever return to this page and read this post, please refrain from returning again as such crude comments as yours are not welcome following such relevant topics as this one.

  • http://www.mercurypoisoned.com/ EZ

    Unfortunately the EPA as well as all other government and other high profile institutions defer blame upon people rather than to those corporations and mega polluters which are doing the most damage to our environment. Check out Agenda 21 and its cozy relationship with the EPA. Look into the ADA and the damage done to untold millions via mercury poisoning.

    Witness how the FDA rubberstamps dangerous pharmaceutical drugs which ultimately end in the streams and underground water aquifers. Take notice of the USDA’s efforts to preclude people’s right to grown and eat natural foods without being forced to consume GMO’s foods or those containing steroids, growth hormones, anti-biotics and other poisons; all which again end up polluting our biosphere.

    The real polluters are harming millions of people on a day-to-day basis. Sure this article has some relevance, and we all want to stop polluters from further destroying our environment. Though look to the control hierarchy and those tasked with protecting the people and legislating environmental laws; invariably, they turn out to be the biggest criminals of all.

    Think about this: what sane community harvests the toxic wastes from the smoke stacks of industrial plants, then adds this poison to your water supply calling it “good for your teeth?” Read more about where the fluoride in public water supplies comes from.



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