Doctors Baffled by U.K. Baby That Refuses to Grow

By Rachel Cernansky | February 4, 2009 7:06 pm

baby.gifAt 14 months old and only seven pounds, seven ounces, Suraya Brown has doctors all over England baffled. She weighs barely more than an average newborn, and seems to have stopped growing entirely. At her age, she should have an approximate weight of 22 pounds and height of 30 inches, but instead she measures 19 inches—and doctors can’t seem to figure out why.

Suraya was born four weeks early and underweight, at just over 2.5 pounds. But nine out of ten babies born under similar circumstances will start to grow and gain weight immediately, according to doctors. Suraya, however, gained no weight during her first eight months of life, and in the last six she’s grown to just two ounces more than the birth weight of her sister, who is one year older and in good health.

Myriad tests have all come back negative, including a genetic test for Silver-Russell syndrome, a form of dwarfism, and an X-ray showing no bone abnormalities. Groping for answers, doctors plan to explore the possibility that “her body has become resistant to its own growth hormones.” They grabbed onto this theory after Suraya’s blood sugar became unstable and, at times, dropped significantly.

Suraya has also experienced seizures, and is now being placed on a special mat when she sleeps so her breathing can be monitored more closely.

Doctors are hoping these other symptoms may lead to more conclusive results—or that she just starts growing, already.

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  • Uncle Al

    The kid receives a munificent State bailout as long as she fails to thrive. Multi-$trillion financial communities are queued in the same long line. (Are we certain it is the same kid week to week?)

  • Kevin

    14 months in an incubator?? I would fail to thrive also. Poor girl, and poor parents!

  • tabbymom

    It sounds like primordial dwarfism, which has been featured a lot on the Discovery Health channel.

  • ron hansing

    I gather that the baby has been in the hospital all this time, so one can rule out munchausin by proxie.(as well as poor parents). And Im sure that all the known tests for failure to thrive have been done. the only thing i can think of is to give her a super dose of hgh… I will also pray for her. please keep up posted on her progress.

    Perhaps the doctors can publish the case on like, inlcuding tests already performed. maybe somebody out there can give a recommendation of something to try.

    have they tried hyperalimentation? feeding tube? we need more details.

    ron hansing

  • cinders

    I am supposing that malabsorption syndromes have been considered.
    I was very small for my first year. I had numerous allergies, including wheat and milk. Constant and constantly sticky mucous by about age 1. Both of those conditions will create malabsorption.The mucous in the stomach diminishes appetite.


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