Taxes in Space! Should Space-Littering Countries Be Fined?

By Rachel Cernansky | March 4, 2009 7:11 pm

spacedebris.jpgFor those who haven’t kept up on their space news, space junk is a growing problem that people simply can’t figure out how to handle. With an estimated 18,000 pieces of junk floating around in space (and that’s only counting pieces larger than 4 inches), the risks of collisions and damage to satellites are constantly increasing.

Now, Stanford University scientists believe they have a solution—though it certainly has a long path to approval, let alone implementation. They have suggested that countries that don’t dispose of space waste properly should be fined, on the grounds that establishing a formal international framework will encourage responsible behavior provide incentives to clean up the royal space mess. Any funds collected could be used to compensate owners of satellites damaged by debris, or to research cheaper ways to de-orbit satellites (though we can also count on a little stimulus cash to help with that one).

Anyone planning a visit to space—where an object no larger than even a speck of paint can have the same effect as a bullet—would be smart to back this plan.

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Image: Wikimedia

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  • Tax Guru

    This is an interesting question, the solution to which could have vast and far-reaching ramification for future tax legislation. It is an idea borne out of environmental thinking, but implementing such a policy seems to be more difficult once all the minutia are considered.

  • jes

    I would agree with this if the tax were retroactive so as to not adversely affect the developing nations just now breaking into their space programs. Otherwise it would seam just another way to bilk payment out of the new colonies or countries of rich resources euroelits industry has shifted too after America.

  • dan

    y rae we going in TO space. for what dan ?


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