Today’s Science Breakthrough: The Swimsuit That Dries Itself

By Boonsri Dickinson | March 5, 2009 5:07 pm

sundry.jpgWhile we know that nanotechnology has been used to improve products such as Miller Lite beer and tennis balls, news of a nanotech-made swimsuit that reportedly “dries itself” is here just in time for spring break. And while the SwimSport would likely never make it into Victoria Secret swimsuit line, it might become a hit if it can do what it promises: repel water and keep beachgoers dry.

The Brooklyn-based company Sun Dry Swim, which makes the SwimSport, uses an invisible, non-toxic mesh. Since “water cannot adhere to the material and the fibers cannot soak up liquid,” the water beads off the suit the same way it rolls off your skin. The whole suit is made of the mesh material, so the suit can look and feel like a normal one-piece.

Still not sold? It also protects you from the sun, with its built-in poly/elastane material that provides extra UV protection. Plus moms seem to love it because they can give it a quick rinse and a shake, and the suit is ready for round two.

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Image: PRLog (Press Release)

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