Fire Water Gets Literal: Colorado Couple's Tap Water Erupts in Flames

By Rachel Cernansky | March 23, 2009 5:06 pm

faucet.jpgIf you live near enough natural gas, it seems, your water can become flammable. Or at least, that’s what has happened to a couple in Fort Lupton, Colorado whose home is less than half a mile from eight natural gas wells.

Jesse and Amee Ellsworth say that one of these wells (no one knows which) has been contaminating their well for six months now, and that they can light their water on fire. Testing done in the basement, bathroom, and near the well has shown explosive levels of the gas. But only recently, they say, did the companies decide to take any action—and only then at the urging of the state’s oil and gas commission.

But was there really a need to wait? The couple just wanted, and is now getting, a water treatment system in their home. It’s not like they’re trying to burn their water—or keep it flammable as a possible cure for cancer.

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Image: CBS4Denver


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