Recession Winners (and Health Losers): Candy Stores and Rehab Centers

By Rachel Cernansky | March 24, 2009 6:40 pm

jellybeans.jpgIt seems that every passing day brings more bad economic news—but it’s not just your wallet that’s taking a hit from the recession. New research indicates that your teeth and liver (not to mention your waistline) are as well.

Rehab centers have reported a sharp rise in the number of bankers (and other white-collar workers) seeking treatment for substance abuse, depression, or both.

And as finance workers have increased their drinking, others seek sugar—the unfermented kind—for comfort and escape from their economic woes, turning the recession into a sweet spot for the candy industry. Ever since unemployment numbers began to grow, so did candy sales, say shop owners and industry experts. Chocolates and sweets are a relatively cheap source of indulgence, and allow people to remember better, pre-recession times.

Too bad the loss of health insurance won’t help all the sugar addicts whose binges will require more frequent visits to the dentist. Not to mention affording a gym membership or new running shoes. Oh, and can anyone say “obesity epidemic?”

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Image: Flickr / NightRPStar

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