Time to Pray? Better Check Your Phone

By Rachel Cernansky | April 7, 2009 1:49 pm

sundial.jpgIf having your computer pray for you isn’t convenient enough, maybe the new mobile phone Sun Dial will do the trick. It won’t pray for you, but for Muslim cell users at least, it will provide daily alerts—five times a day.

The Sun Dial phone application, developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology, uses imagery and audible alerts to notify users when to perform the daily prayers, known as salat. The phone will display an image of the sun lining up with a green circle as prayer time approaches; when the sun becomes in line with the circle, it’s time to pray.

No word on whether the application will tell the user which direction is East, but maybe it’s still in beta version. If it becomes iPhone-compatible, perhaps the Taliban’s former ambassador to Pakistan will be among its first users.

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Image: Susan Wyche

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