Update: New Evidence That Tree Was Removed from Man's Lung

By Rachel Cernansky | April 15, 2009 5:27 pm

lung1.jpgFor those who didn’t believe [Ed.’s note: Ourselves included] the reports about the man found to have a tree growing inside his lung, the story just got trickier: BBC News has now posted a video on its Web site with additional evidence, including video from the operation and an interview with both surgeon and patient.

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  • http://www.flamingohotel.org/ FlamingoHotel

    oh my god!!!

  • E

    How does a tree grow without light?

    Don’t think this is legit somehow. :o)

  • chris

    Trees need light for photosynthesis, if the tree didn’t need to create its energy from photosynthesis, then it didn’t need light.

  • patrick

    maybe it was an air plant…….get it?

  • Cheryl Campbell

    Without examining the plant material, and judging solely from the images, it appears to be a twig fragment, rather than a small tree. Fir seedlings of that length have a different appearance: soft, flexible and needled at the apex. If this account is not a hoax, it’s more likely that the twig had been inadvertently inhaled, perhaps while the man ran through a stand of firs. Too much vodka and young men? Very likely.


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