Weird Science Roundup: Monkeys Get Vasectomies, Pandas Eat Saccharin, and NASA Raps

By Rachel Cernansky | April 17, 2009 2:04 pm

• A new music video, “Take Aim at Climate Change,” puts some beats to an earth-inspired message. It was released by Polar-Palooza, a multimedia initiative supported by NASA and the National Science Foundation.

• Thanks to new iPods for the womb, your unborn children can hear your REO Speedwagon playlist.

• Health officials in Sao Paulo, Brazil plan to perform vasectomies on 25 wild capuchin monkeys.

• A man helped his wife deliver a baby he did not know was coming—he thought her weight gain was related to quitting smoking.

• They’re not on a low-cal diet, red pandas just prefer Sweet’N Low (and other artificial sweeteners) to natural sugar.

• And if you think you had a rough week—at least you’re not 26 and trapped inside a two-year-old‘s body.

  • D-Notice

    Thanks to new iPods for the womb, your unborn children can hear your REO Speedwagon playlist.

    Isn’t that a form of child abuse?

  • Josh Auriemma

    The stories of women giving birth without knowing that they were pregnant always crack me up. Discovery Channel (?) has a show devoted to the subject.

  • Jo

    It says the husband didn’t know about the pregnancy, but they don’t actually say that his wife didn’t know about it!

    Is Jerly Lyngdoh’s mind that of a two-year-old as well? They don’t really make that clear in the linked article. Saying he’s a 26-year-old man ‘trapped’ in a toddler’s body implies that he has the mind of a 26-year-old man. Instead they just make a comment about his teeth.

    Why can’t news articles be clear about what is postulated and what is known, instead of being so bloody misleading?!!


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