Most Offensive iPhone App Ever? "Baby Shaker" Endorses Infanticide

By Rachel Cernansky | April 23, 2009 11:51 am

amd_baby_shaker.jpgApple has released some controversial applications for the iPhone, but Baby Shaker may be its most offensive yet. At least, it was for child welfare advocates who called Apple to protest the game, which consists of stopping a virtual baby’s crying by shaking the phone until two red “X”s appear over the baby’s eyes.

The game, created by a company called Sikalosoft, went on sale on Monday. By Wednesday, Apple pulled Baby Shaker amid protest and outrage from the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome, child welfare advocates, and a mother whose son was shaken by his biological father and now has brain damage.

The sales pitch for the game included, “See how long you can endure his or her adorable cries before you just have to find a way to quiet the baby down!” and does include the warning, “Never, never shake a baby.” How about never, never create the temptation?

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  • Karrasko

    I don’t think that the resources that child welfare have could be better invested in other issues rather than advocates.

  • Scott Belyea

    I agree that this “game” is offensive. And yet I can’t help but be struck by the contrast that games where you blow someone’s head off or gut them (with appropriate accompaniments of blood, brains, and innards) seem to be quite acceptable …

  • Resveratrol

    Yeah … This is a tough subject. On one hand, I really don’t feel that this application “endorses” shaking a baby. I think it just takes an action (it doesn’t matter that it’s offensive), and makes a game of it. Like Scott said, how is this any different them shoot em ups? It isn’t.. Baby shaking just happens to have stronger, weird advocates that can throw their weight around more.

    In no way am I saying shaking a baby is a good idea.. But shouldn’t we all know that? Just like we know not to shoot someones head off with a .22? Seems like the same thing to me..

  • Andy

    …is it possible that making a joke about shaking babies might actually remind someone not to actually do it when the exasperated urge arises? An unlikely situation, I guess.


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