Cell Phone Kisses: New Phone Will Send Your Smooch Through the Airwaves

By Rachel Cernansky | April 27, 2009 5:41 pm

kissphone-koussouros.jpgIf you’re too far away from your honey to exchange real kisses, you may soon be able to kiss him or her over the phone, using the—you guessed it—KissPhone.

You actually kiss the phone—on its big, pink lips, to be precise—and the pressure, temperature, percussion speed, and “sucking force” of your mouth are measured. The phone then transmits these signals to your partner’s KissPhone, which reproduces the conditions of the kiss.

According to the “freelance inventor” behind the phone, you can even leave a kiss on an answering machine.

Next up for R&D: The Breakup Phone.

Image: PROinvention

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  • Christina Viering

    Tongue included?

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  • Karl


    What the hell is that?

    I’ll answer for you; it’s the worst thing I’ve seen all day.

  • Dan

    Imagine how you would feel if everyone were getting one of these and keep telling you it’s the best ever and you just GOT to have it.
    That’s how I feel about FaceBook.

  • http://www.firkloever.dk Stuart Canant

    Who would have thought that mobiles phones would revolutionize the world in such two short decades? From the size of a toaster just a few years ago to sophisticated communication devices with amazing functionalities.


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