Can a Glowing Band-Aid Treat Skin Cancer?

By Boonsri Dickinson | May 4, 2009 5:48 pm

band-aid-1.jpgIt turns out Band-Aids have more potential than simply keeping germs out of a cut—and we aren’t even talking about the Neosporin upgrades or the water-resistant kind. A U.K. company, Polymertronics, has figured out how to make Band-Aid-like bandages glow, emitting light that could treat skin cancer.

One way to kill skin cancer is to zap it with light—a method called photodynamic therapy. When a specific wavelength of light hits cancerous cells, oxygen forms around the cells until it kills them. Currently, patients must visit a hospital or clinic to receive photodynamic therapy. But the new glowing bandages, made of plasters embedded with light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), will allow skin cancer patients to treat themselves at home, making treatment faster and more accessible.

Here’s how it works:

When the OLED-filled strip is placed on the skin with a topical photosensitive cream, voltage is applied from an external power source, causing the OLEDs to light up, and the treatment begins.

The company hopes to bring this device to market in a few years — but first it must first undergo human trials. (Any volunteers?)

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Image: Polymertronics Limited

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  • Christina Viering

    What a breakthrough!

  • Ron Mertens

    There is another company working on the same basic idea, called Lumicure:


  • Rex

    A promising, innovtive approach. Do you need a US scientists to be involved over here in the US with aspects of development? Contact me. Rex, PhD

  • Michael C

    Why a small band aid?

    If you really had skin cancer – you would apply that to your whole body. After all – you will want to get every spot not just the one identified cyst.

    I think that the “lite-suit” is going to be the next step.

  • Larry Gillihan

    Aspirn will remove skin lesions. Takes about a week, depending on the depth of the offending spot. I’ve tried it, and it works, and a skin cancer doctor has confirmed that it will work. Aspirin is an acid, and, kept moist, it burns the lesion off, a layer at a time. It’s a lot cheaper than the usual treatments, and works as well or better.

  • aid credit

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  • Roland Gilead

    It’s nice to know that you guys are helping educate the world about cancer. Thanks for the post.

  • DarkScribe

    It is not new. It was considered an “alternative” whacko type therapy for years. Johanna Budwig was nominated for a Nobel Prize several times in the nineteen fifties for curing cancer in numerous people by stimulating the oxygen transportation capability of her patients. I used her techniques several years ago after medical surgical pharmaceutical approaches failed. It worked swiftly and effectively. I am healthier and fitter than ever and tumor-free.

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