Can Cigarettes *Decrease* the Effect of Respiratory Allergies?

By Rachel Cernansky | May 15, 2009 4:29 am

smoking_pictogram.jpgCigarette smoke is clearly bad for your health in all kinds of ways, but it just may alleviate the symptoms of allergy sufferers, according to a new study recommended by the Faculty of 1000: Biology and Medicine. Dutch researchers have found that cigarette smoke reduces allergic response by blocking mast cell activity, the key factor in the body’s immune system’s response to allergens.

The researchers treated mast cells—the tissue cells of the immune system—with a smoke-infused solution and found that it prevented the release of inflammation-inducing proteins as a response to allergens, all while leaving other mast cell immune functions unaffected.

Although the research was conducted on mouse cells, researchers say the effect is likely to transfer to human mast cells. Perhaps tobacco companies will pick up the research where the Dutch team left off?

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  • Aquatic

    Just a wake-up call
    We are all aware of the negatives of smoking but logic requires us to weigh the positives as well.
    Some of the positives are not obvious such as the one suggested, but there is one that cannot be overlooked but is, as it is never mentioned.

    I stopped a 75 cigaret a day habit 40 years ago but have never pressed others to follow me, as I am aware that changes made by one is nothing compared to changes made by all. The latter is wat is kept hidden from us if only personal benefits are trumpeted.

    Smoke has been around long before tobacco was adopted, as before other smouldering vegetation was used to keep and transport fire and no doubt unintentionally smoked in order to leep fire alife.
    For that reason the smoking habit may have a deeper drive-force tha can overcome the fear of sickness and death.
    As we are made aware, the constituents of smoke are many and some are very dangerous but not only to us, they are dangerous to insects as well, but above all to micro organism. This is why smoke was so effective in meeting places that otherwise would have been deathly centers of contamination!
    Smoke is an airborne anti biotic!
    Not only does smoke deminish the danger of contamination with airborn pathogen the so dangerous tars settle on all surfaces in contact with the air, so the blanketing all.
    The by cleaners so loathed sticky cover traps all dust as well and sits there to also trap contact- pathogen. No surface is left unprotected at any time, and I challence all to suggest a substance that could mimic that!
    It is not by chance that hospitals are harbouring superbugs!
    The phasing out of open fires had little effect for tobacco smoke took over, but this now seems to have to be discontinued!
    Clean air is not as healthy as advocated for we share it with all other life-forms!
    Wearing a face mask is more effective against smoke as it is against pathogen!
    The moral is; find a substitude first before the effect becomes widespread, unless a possible reduction of the western world population is not seen as important!
    Regards from Aquatic.

  • Tomato Addict

    And Aquatic isn’t just blowing smoke either …

    … well OK … maybe he is.

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  • Terata

    Cigarettes are the worst, but with the exception of Hookahs (its the coals but who smokes hookahs daily anyway) Most other forms of Tobacco are significantly less carcinogenic. Smoking a Pipe or the occasional cigar can confer this benefit without the bleak odds of cigarettes. If you are a highly addictive person don’t consider it, but I suffered from chronic Upper Respiratory Infections until I took up the Pipe. Sure, there may have been safer alternatives, but I didn’t have health Insurance and it just worked. Plus the main reason its addictive is because it stimulates digestion so if you have problems with that there’s another reason. I don’t deny I’m addicted but I have not inhaled for years and I never ever have a stuffed up nose and rarely cough. you can balance the pipe / cigar with swedish snus for additional safety. If you get offended and want to flame me I promise you are doing more harm than good. Cigarettes are seen as cool not just because of their Media presence but because anything people are Self-Righteous about has an instant appeal.

  • Terata

    Also fyi Marijuana joints are 10 times more carcinogenic than cigarettes and increases your Anti-Science Consipracy Theory gullibility and makes you sucks at Maths so maybe give that drawn out joke of a sub-culture a rest while you’re at it. I just know there are a lot of pro-this that are anti-that if you know what i mean.


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