Two Twins, Two Dads: DNA Test Proves "Twins" Born to Different Fathers

By Boonsri Dickinson | May 18, 2009 3:56 pm

test.jpgDespite the fact that they were born at the same time to the same mother, Justin and Jordan look nothing like twins, besides having the same skin color. In fact, they look so different that James Harrison, the supposed father, decided to request a paternity test. Turns out, his instincts were right: One of the infants is his child, and the other is not.

Mia Washington, the mother of the “twins,” admitted to cheating on Harrison, her fiancé, prior to becoming pregnant. But she didn’t have any idea the pregnancy was a result of two separate sets of sperm.

Biologically speaking, this can happen when two or more eggs from the same woman are fertilized during the same ovulation period by two different men. When this rare event occurs, it is called heteropaternal superfecundation—and we really mean rare: There have only been about 10 other cases of this, according to the president of Clear Diagnostics’ DNA lab, Genny Thibodeaux. And in those cases, it was more obvious because the children were of different ethnic backgrounds.

The Telegraph failed terribly when explaining the results of the paternity test:

According to the paternity test, there’s a 99.999 percent chance Justin and Jordan do not have the same father, and zero percent chance they do.” What the reporter meant to say is: There’s a 99% chance that one of the babies belongs to Harrison, and a zero percent chance the other child is his.

Also worth noting: “Miss Washington, from Dallas, Texas, said she plans to tell the boys about their DNA differences when they’re old enough to understand. But she says she has no plans to tell the other father.” Which is why she told a reporter?

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  • Pat Montana

    WOW! Another big KUDO for the Lone Star State! Why are these folks always from Texas? I love being from Texas…but sometimes this crap is just embarrassing!

  • chris

    I suppose the keyword is fiancé so at least she didn’t break an oath?

    Science meets Jerry Springer?

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  • Education2009

    Birth control…what a concept!

  • Dmonicideals

    Yeah. So, my sister has twins by 2 different fathers as well. One is black, the other is a ginger. Beat that.

    • Nikkimwa

       Me 2oo

  • reader102

    lol. I wish women that cheat and get busted, loose their right to gain child support. Obviously if they didnt need the baby’s daddy while they was with each other then she dont need him when he leaves her for cheating. If she dont have a job then she should either think before she jeapordize the relationship or make money the old fashion way and also the way that got her in the situation now – ON HER BACK!

    • Deltadoll28

      There are so many things wrong with your comment.  I don’t even know where to start.

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  • http://google gio

    its true i have a twin and we have two ethnically diff backgrounds we look nothing alike were rare!

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  • You people

    U fucking people get on here and Lie your asses off come on now get a fucking life stop being liars

  • zoe

    I think your comments are assinine, I totally believe my own twins do not have the same father, not because I cheated, but because I was already pregnant when I had sex with my husband.I believe I had dropped more than one egg and was in an over ovulation period, believe me it is no joke.

  • Xenobiologista

    I’ve also seen a couple of reports in the news some time within the last year about women who claim to have twins of different ages albeit from the same father. Obviously this is harder to prove since a paternity test will show nothing out of the ordinary, but apparently there were ultrasound findings like one fetus was growing fine, then another much smaller one appeared, and one baby was obviously premature when the other was born full term.

  • «•mix•»

    Has anyone heard of one person being born with 2 DNA’s???
    Apparently it does happen… Pretty cool stuff…

  • Uncle X

    @ mix, that’s called chimerism. It happens sometimes when one twin completely absorbs the other. Twin absorption is actually pretty common, but a chimera may have completely different DNA in one part of their body as opposed to another.

  • sala

    i`m pregnant with twins, one is bigger than the other. i selpt with a guy two weeks prior to my borfriend but in the same ovulation period i was wondering if my twin could be fathering different father since the other baby is smaller?

  • Paula

    I believe my twin sister (fraternal) and I have two different dads. I look like the man my mother dated in between and my sister looks just like my father. How do I find out for sure. What is the cost?

  • Paula

    My twin and I don’t even favor at all. She was dark haired with freckles and a long nose. I was blonde with a round face and fair skin. Hmm. I’m a little dubious. :)

  • Salad

    It is only rare because men are not the ones getting pregnant………otherwise, the situation would be commonplace….lol.

  • Walter

    Paula wrote: “My twin and I don’t even favor at all.” Whaaa??

    Sala wrote: “…was wondering if my twin could be fathering different father…” OK, what? The twins are fathering two different fathers … wait, you mean one of the twins is the father of the other twins father … or … yeah … I was wondering the same thing …whaaaaaa????

    Please, just take a second look before you post … I don’t want to edit your posts … believe is post when nothing is different under the moon is one guy when he thought he wrote but two posts when there wasn’t anything different because he know the truth.

  • stonewalker

    Eve of the Garden of Eden experienced giving birth to two different fathered,
    Cain and Able. Note Cain’s blood line is not traced back to Adam….

  • cindy

    The person who commented that this woman, and woman who cheat, should not be allowed to get child support in theory seems to make since. HOWEVER, caselaw and statutes indicate that the support is for THE CHILD not for the custodial parent. The parent is SUPPOSE to use the support for the care of the child (i.e. incorporate those funds towards the rent, utilities, food, clothing for the child, etc).

  • notWalter

    Walter, please read YOUR message aloud and ask yourself if it makes any sense at all.

  • Etaoin Shrdlu

    The Telegraph may have botched its explanation a bit, but so did you. Just because Genny Thibodeaux says that only ten cases have been thoroughly evaluated in the scientific literature, that doesn’t mean that only ten cases have ever happened — especially since we had no way of conclusively testing until the last twenty or thirty years, but also because most fathers of twins aren’t going to say to themselves, “gee, these kids look really different, sure, the doc says they’re ordinary fraternal twins, but I wonder if my wife/girlfriend has been cheating on me!”

    @Cindy: your comments make essentially no sense, because the two issues (whether the putative father is forced to pay, and what the money is to be used for) are not connected. The two states I have lived in, Washington and Illinois, both have ways that a putative father can avoid being forced to pay child support for a child who is not his — as is only fair. Any new father would be well advised to do a DNA test, immediately after birth, for each child.

  • Shy

    Yes it happens if a paternal twins  are conceived but the embryos someone fuse together. This esults with a child being born with 2 DNA. Its called Chimerism

  • tara ny

    wow! it can happen because an ova live for 24hrs and sperm live between 2 to 5 days, so if she slept with 2 man  within the longest of fives period, she can get pregnant by both man, if she produced more than one egg. 

  • Jokeshawash1993

    such harsh commets are not necessary about mysister,yes same mother an father, because none of you know the full story..

  • Saddened

    Finding girls cheat more than guys

  • Anthony Zarat

    This is not very rare at all.  All of the identified cases have mixed race fathers, because in other cases people don’t think to test both twins for paternity.

  • Danielle Most

    so….child support from 2 dads? and i say child support bc i doubt either one will marry her


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