Bees on a Plane! 10,000 Bees Swarm an Airplane Wing in Massachusetts

By Allison Bond | June 3, 2009 12:03 pm

beeWhile experts are still stymied over why bees were strangely and inexplicably dying off (or whether they were ever dying off), they appear to be back, and on a rampage. A few weeks ago, a large swarm trapped employees inside a New York City GameStop store for several hours.

Now, things are getting even stranger: The AP reports that about 10,000 honeybees swarmed the wing of an airplane used for flight school at an airport in Danvers, Mass. After first gathering on the side of the plane, the bees migrated en masse to the left wing.

The owner of the flight center called the cops, who then called in a local bee removal expert. He collected the bees by sucking the swarm off the plane with vacuuming tool. The insects then were shipped to hives, where they will spend the rest of their days producing honey.

Experts speculate the swarm congregated on the plane to protect the queen bee, who might’ve settled on the wing. Or maybe they just wanted to give their wings a break.

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Image: flickr / wolfpix

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