NCBI ROFL: Does this outfit make me look like I want to get laid?

By ncbi rofl | July 1, 2009 4:30 pm

Disco clothing, female sexual motivation, and relationship status: is she dressed to impress?

“We digitally analyzed clothing choice to determine the amount of skin display, sheerness, and clothing tightness. Participants self-reported sexual motivation, and we assessed estradiol and testosterone levels through saliva sampling. Results show that females are aware of the social signal function of their clothing and that they in some cases alter their clothing style to match their courtship motivation. In particular, sheer clothing -although rare in the study- positively correlated with the motivation for sex.”

Thanks to Tracy for today’s ROFL!

  • Deray

    They should have also measured the time it took those women to select what they were going to wear, jajajaja. Also, did they consider the place were they were going?

  • Chemgeek

    umm… DUH!!!!

  • Anonymous

    "Results show that females are aware of the social signal function of their clothing."

    Reeeeally?!! I am soooo surprised. Again some tax money well spent on a subject that every seven-year old could have predicted for free.

  • Al

    It was money well spent! The authors probably went to lots of nightclubs and picked up cheap looking women!

  • tele sexo

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