Obesity, Up Close: The Making of Pork Rinds

By Melissa Lafsky | July 10, 2009 3:33 pm

Former FDA head David Kessler’s much-lauded book The End of Overeating discusses in detail the use of technology by the food industry to provide the maximum caloric/fat bang for the consumer’s buck. And nowhere is this more beautifully illustrated than in the following video, an unusually candid inside look at the making of pork rinds. Which are hardly an example of healthy food (and we’re using the word “food” liberally). Fried pig skin squares, anyone?

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  • http://picshark.blogspot.com Blue

    The vid says “invalid parameters”. what to do

  • http://talesofthegastronaut.blogspot.com/ corey

    whatever, pork rinds are delicious and i’d rather celebrate the whole animal than waste it.

    ignoring health cocerns, of course :)

    i just felt the “and we’re using the word ‘food’ liberally” was a bit much, in this age of conservation and not wasting anything…

  • http://www.wanderinweeta.blogspot.com Susannah

    I’m diabetic, diet-and-meds controlled, no insulin. I’m on a low-carb diet, which keeps my blood sugars normal. A bit of extra carbs sends me off track for days.

    Fried pork rinds is the only fast snack food I am allowed. It is high-protein, with some fat. No carbs. I may eat them several times a week, and find them very satisfying.

    This keeps my weight under control, as well as my diabetes.

    Carbs, such as you would get in “healthy” low-fat chips and breads, for us diabetics, are poison; they raise blood sugars, and often are the culprits in weight gain.

    Fat in the diet doesn’t translate to fat on the hips; calories do.

  • Christina Viering

    Good points Susannah.

  • Gerardo

    Mmmm… Pork rinds! An example of a horrifically unhealthy food I can’t resist.

  • Gerardo

    Though now that I read Susannah’s post, I feel less guilty. Scratch my last post, I may stand corrected about the horrifically unhealthy food part.

  • Dody

    While I am not diabetic,…I’ve been able to lose 50+ pounds on a low-carb lifestyle. I say “lifestyle” and not “diet”….as I will be following this eating style more-or-less for the rest of my life. I also am soooo happy to be able to have something like pork rinds for a salty-cruncy snack (when the “snacky” urge hits). And they are wonderful to use for cooking (crushed-up as a substitute for white flour). I Love my pork rinds!!!!

  • http://webwa.com Richard

    If you are really interested in reviewing a food such as pork rinds and not just finding a generic statement in a book and posting a video take a look at the following link in Men’s Health Magazine. I like pork rinds and have just started eating microwave pork rinds because of the taste and not because of the significant reduction in fat. The article will surprise you since the claim is made that pork rinds actually have some health benefits when compared to other snacks. http://www.menshealth.com/mhlists/healthy_snacks/

    Enjoy the article and keep eating pork rinds!

  • http://www.loseweightgoals.com/article/Subcateg.asp?SubcatID=53 low-fat-diet-recipes

    Hello, good and explanatory article. I want to add a few mentions. If you have tight cholesterol, then you may wonder, will a low fat diet lower cholesterol? This is a serious inquiry, because it is a best known fact that the most efficient way to lower cholesterol is over diet. Certainly one component of a diet for lowering cholesterol will take on exists low in fat. Only this is unique part of the history. It is master to clear that it is the concentrated fats that you want to reject it from the foods you feed.

  • http://www.gaytanfoods.com/ spiced pork rinds

    Low carb works well for me and yes spicy pork rinds is what I love, especially the homemade barbecue chicharrones as they are known. The only issue is the preservatives, artificial flavors if you go for the big stores. I usually get them at the smaller traditional stores, usually those having a family history in making such foods.

  • http://www.freeslimmingtips.wordpress.com Free slimming tips

    Well that just put me off pork rinds for good. Disgusting.


  • Michael

    Fat is not the enemy. I live quite well on meat, fat, and vegetables, with a little fruit after my workouts. Pork rinds are a great source of animal fat, crunch, and bacon flavor–not to mention much needed extra calories for an athletic lifestyle. But why am I saying this? The more people think these are disgusting, the more there are for me :)

  • http://www.recette-barbecue.fr Brochette

    Thanks for the video but no more Pork rinds for me, beurk…

  • desboi

    Many other cultures also eat pork rinds and they have not turned-out (% wise)to be as obese as Americans. These people are not dropping dead due to eating pork rinds, perhaps due to more active lifestyles. These cultures use most of the animal and do not waste,perhaps out of nesecity.
    They are tasty if prepared right from the start, and other condiments make for great dishes (e.i. cooked as soups [tomatillo/grn chile or tomatoe base/cilantro] with vegatables and as a snack right out of the bag it is hard to beat (add lime & a little hot sauce, yummy).
    For those of you who are disgusted by them, it is not surprising from a society that doesn’t like to see whole fish on their plates, as if cows never had heads and were always choice-cut steaks. Economic advantage is fomentation for mass-production of chickens which, most of us eat ignoring the filthy industry practices of raising chicken (in grossly populated coops with feces and other dead birds). I also wonder how many disgusting man-made chemicals we consume daily and through-out our lifetime, the same ones that make us really ill and we in turn export to the world.


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