Experts Baffled by Unidentified Black Goo Floating in Arctic Ocean

By Allison Bond | July 16, 2009 1:43 pm

gooThere’s a mysterious black goo floating off the Alaskan coast, and no one is quite sure what it is. A helicopter flying over the area spotted a strand of the dark stuff, which is easily visible on the bright white ice floating in the Arctic Ocean, and followed it for 15 miles.

Juneau Empire reports:

“[The goo is] certainly biological,” [Terry] Hasenauer [of the Coast Guard] said. “It’s definitely not an oil product of any kind. It has no characteristics of an oil, or a hazardous substance, for that matter…. It’s definitely, by the smell and the makeup of it, some sort of naturally occurring organic or otherwise marine organism.”

“It’s pitch black when it hits ice and it kind of discolors the ice and hangs off of it,” [an official with the North Slope Borough’s Planning and Community Services Department] said. He saw some jellyfish tangled up in the stuff, and someone turned in what was left of a dead goose – just bones and feathers – to the borough’s wildlife department.”

Anyone wanna go for a swim?

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Image: Courtesy of the North Slope Borough Planning Department

  • Romeo Vitelli

    I knew that global warming would be a problem. The Blob has thawed out!

  • xmm

    Its the crap they found in the NC sewers. That or aids.

  • Gozza

    Hmmm.. predatorial algae, like in the book Pi, comes to mind when you describe what was left of the dead goose…

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  • Jumblepudding

    It could be the aquatic version of those killer mites from the book Dust.

  • justin

    could be the sh*t that turned eddie brock into venom.

  • Brandon

    Its transformer poo!!!

  • NicoleW

    Did anyone else read the book Phantoms by Dean Koontz? Maybe it’s excrement from the creature in the book!

  • Gwenny

    I, for one, welcome our squishy black overlords! I mean, they killed a goose. What more proof of good intentions do we need. Now, if they could just come to my town and take care of the one particularly aggressive goose at the lake, that would be awesome.

  • D

    If this is the best discussion you people can muster I have found a place where stupidity is classy. You people make me sick.

  • Brian

    Pish! All they need to research this is to Goo-gle it!

  • Sam

    And your comment made me smarter just by reading it, O High and Mighty D. Oh wait, no, it didn’t.

  • Ed Weldon

    A possible mutation of didymo (Didymosphenia geminata) that is tolerant of the salinity of arctic sea ice?

  • Jon

    its squid/alien ink from lord Cthulhu who has risen again from the depths.
    Phnglui mglwnafh Cthulhu Rlyeh wgahnagl Ftagn!
    All Hail Lord Cthulhu !

  • Skwish

    Careful who you call skwishy! It could be my long lost cousin Blacky.

  • Biology Science Fair Projects

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  • geek

    It’s marine Vashta Nerada oh noes!

  • Nate

    It’s the stuff from Spider-Man 3!

  • aluhoedje

    Muted seaweed after the oil ramp from Exxon in 1989

  • Halbert

    •Chila-Chamina •Choncha •Chämas •Ekfebet •Kessetoun

  • DarDude

    Relax guys its Chuck Norris’ doodoo high in protein.

  • Lord Dagon

    All hair lord cthulu , father dagon, mother hydra. In the depths r….. where we will dwell admist wonder and glory forever!!!

  • HYDE

    well…what ever this “stuff” is we need to put more reeasearch into it. it doesnt look to be related to the exxon ramp. either that or chewbacca is losing all his hair… still i want to know what this shuff is

  • vette-t

    I agree the blob is back!!!

  • vast

    hey guys, it was algae..comes from your shit—

  • Swamp~Fox

    Oh NO it is some of that Goo that ALGore uses in his hair!!!!! He is an Alien! Or it could just be Whale Poo!

  • javajolt

    ” xmm Says:
    July 16th, 2009 at 2:23 pm
    Its the crap they found in the NC sewers. That or aids”

    Your an Idiot

  • WAKE UP!!!

    doesn’t anybody really see/read the news??? it has been identified as an algal bloom. algae need a certain temperature to grow and breed. it is not uncommon to find algal blooms in arctic waters. its the size of the bloom which is a matter of serious concern. under normal conditions, the low arctic temperatures are sufficient to curb excessive growth of these algae. global warming raises temperatures which are conducive for promoting algal growth to such an extent. so, people, wake up!

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  • http://discover shane

    its just an algie dont worry they can take care of it

  • Sunshine

    Black Goo is an up coming rapper– Watch out for him

  • CrazyCultist

    The shoggoths have thawed. The stars will be right soon. Ia Cthulhu!

  • thecrawlingchaos

    Cthulhu Fhtagn Ia Ia!!!

  • Spiderman


  • Matval83

    the black goo , its simple its come from a huges animal …..(poo)(shit )


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