NCBI ROFL: Competitive speed eating: truth and consequences.

By ncbi rofl | July 20, 2009 5:24 pm

“OBJECTIVE: The purpose of our investigation was to assess the stomachs of a world-class speed-eating champion and of a control subject during a speed-eating test in our gastrointestinal fluoroscopy suite to determine how competitive speed eaters are able to eat so much so fast. CONCLUSION: Our observations suggest that successful speed eaters expand the stomach to form an enormous flaccid sac capable of accommodating huge amounts of food.”

Thanks to Graham for today’s ROFL!

  • Deray

    So, the researches didn't know that the stomach can be trained to expand given that is a muscle sac? Talk about doing a little bibliographic research before you do experiments!

  • blogborygmi

    I've been following competitive eating research on my blog for several years (morbid fascination). My favorite part of this paper is this quote:

    "Despite the speed eater’s insistence that he felt no sensation of satiety, fullness, bloating, or abdominal discomfort, we became concerned that further dilation of his already enormous stomach could be associated with a small theoretic risk of gastric perforation. Therefore, a decision was made to terminate the speed-eating test over the objections of our participant."

  • Anonymous

    "blogborygmi", isn't it sad that they terminated the test? That would have been the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to test scientifically how the fat person in the movie "SEVEN" died.

  • Mer

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