How to Turn a Papasan Chair Into a Solar Cooker

By Allison Bond | July 22, 2009 3:06 pm

cookerRemember those cookies that were baked on the dashboard of a car? Well, now someone who’s extra-crafty has upped the ante by converting a papasan chair into a solar cooker.

The apparatus is made of a reflective cone that consists of triangles of anodized aluminum bolted together in the center, which fits into the frame of the chair. There’s even a bamboo tripod to hang the food or water that the reflective cone will cook.

This idea comes from Appropedia, a site dedicated to sharing ideas and knowledge about sustainability. According to the author:

My hope was that, in the spirit of synergy, the whole would be greater than the sum of the parts and that people may find the idea of owning a solar cooker more practical if they can also sit and read a book in it when its not in use.

Compared to the traditional mono-functional Parabolic Solar Cooker, this project serves as a chair when not in use, which saves space and is less of a fire hazard than the traditional Parabolic Solar Cooker.

The site has a DIY guide to crafting your very own papasan chair-solar cooker. Sounds pretty sweet… just be sure not to sit on the hot aluminum cone.

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Image: Bart Orlando

  • Romeo Vitelli

    Papasan is going to be pissed when he finds out what happened to his chair.

  • Papasan

    Papasan can still sit in his chair… now he is just in the hot seat.

  • MartyM

    Now I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of mine!!!

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