"Handerpants" Claim to Promote Good Hand Health

By Allison Bond | July 28, 2009 1:08 pm

underwearBoxers or briefs? We’ll go with the latter…at least when it comes to your hands. Introducing Handerpants, tighty-whities for your paws. They protect your hands from wear and tear, according to the product’s Web site, and help keep your extremities warm.

So are there any health benefits in using such a product? Well, for one, they could help prevent the painful condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome, which is caused by pressure on the main nerve that runs into your hand, according to the Mayo Clinic. Depending on the stiffness of Handerpants’ cloth, we speculate the gloves could prevent the painful syndrome by reinforcing a level hand position.

Here’s a handy video demonstration:

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Image: flickr / mike52ad


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