Modern Love: P.A. Woman to "Marry" Rollercoaster

By Allison Bond | July 29, 2009 2:43 pm

rollercoasterPlenty of people love roller coasters—but few as much as Amy Wolfe, a 33-year-old Pennsylvania woman who plans to marry one.

Wolfe is the latest in a series of people who have married inanimate objects, from the Berlin Wall to the Eiffel Tower. This type of sexual behavior has a name: objectum sexual, meaning a person becomes attracted to, and even falls in love with, non-human (or even -animate) objects.

According to a perhaps-too-detailed report by The Metro U.K.:

[The woman] enjoys a “satisfying” sexual relationship with a fairground ride – a “magic carpet” themed ride named 1001 Nachts – and now plans to marry it. The 33-year-old rides the machine 300 times a year and uses pictures of it to satisfy herself at home.

Because she lives about 80 miles from the amusement park, the relationship has been long-distance. But even if Wolfe relocates to be closer to “her” ride, we’re willing to bet this marriage will have, er, more than its fair share of ups and downs.

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Image: flickr / Thomas Euler

  • me


  • Christina Viering

    You can’t marry a roller coaster.

  • Albert Bakker

    How so, you can’t? Apart from the long ceremony if the rollercoster is expected to say “I do” I see nothing really problematic with that.

  • matt

    I don’t know if I’d call anything from the Metro “perhaps-too-detailed.” Given that they botched the fact that 1001 Nachts isn’t actually a rollercoaster, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few more errors.

    Regardless. Wow, Knoebel’s Amusement Resort. That takes me back.

  • Tiggles

    My wife comes from Pennsylvania. Im glad she married me instead. We are going over there this Christmas, but might stay away from the roller coaster now. There might be a jelous woman watching.

  • Chris

    how does she feel about other people riding it?

  • HaF

    This was a storyline on Boston Legal a few years ago. In that story I believe it was called objectophilia.

  • MarkD

    Assign her a seat so I don’t sit in the one she sat in by mistake.
    I really don’t wanna know what she is like or doing while spending time with her soon to be hubby in a seat other people sit in.

  • Wozza

    It is the new ‘love that dare not speak it’s name’. You lot will force them into public toilets. That could get messy.

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  • Santa

    i saw she looks too great for a rollercoaster she deserve something better like a MAN


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