NCBI ROFL: Why Facebook is ruining your marriage.

By ncbi rofl | August 3, 2009 4:52 pm

More information than you ever wanted: does Facebook bring out the green-eyed monster of jealousy?

“Anecdotal evidence, including information described in the popular media, suggests that Facebook may be responsible for creating jealousy and suspicion in romantic relationships… A hierarchical multiple regression analysis, controlling for individual, personality, and relationship factors, revealed that increased Facebook use significantly predicts Facebook-related jealousy. We argue that this effect may be the result of a feedback loop whereby using Facebook exposes people to often ambiguous information about their partner that they may not otherwise have access to and that this new information incites further Facebook use.”

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  • Dee

    My husband has a facebook account, and over the past 2 years, it has slowly destroyed our realtionship. He has been in contact with EX girlfriends and has resulted in having a affair over the internet. People say that if you don’t touch someone its not cheating. But the fact that he was flirting and using sexual words and acting out sexually in my opinion it is cheating in a non physical way. And let me tell you it bloody hurts, especially when you come across all the evidence, its a big slap in the face. and you never feel the same way about that person. You find your self logging onto their account checking their emails to seeif they have been behavig themselves. Its aweful and I recommend to anyone who is in the position that Iam nip in in the butt before its too late.

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  • Elisa

    I was informed 24 hrs after my husband opened a facebook account. Day 2 he had 2 women I did not know & day 3 he had 8 all supposedly from 20 yrs ago in High school. I demanded he remove the women & keep past male friends, he refused, I threw wedding rings at him & told him it’s over as of morning if they are not removed. I will not wait to be made a fool of!

  • Cath the Canberra Cook

    Sheesh, I sure hope Elisa is joking. If not she’s crazy jealous, and has already made a fool of herself. No need for anyone else to do it for her.

    My partner has lots of women FB friends, most of whom I know, but a few are via other connections. So what? I’d be more worried if he had no women friends. How would that happen? Creepy misogynist? In the gay ghetto?

  • Michele

    It is the women through other connections you have to watch. My husband left for a woman who friended him from some other connection. After 6 months to a year of emailing and texting, he began calling her from work. Long story short, she was already seperated and moved here the day he left. I got him on to connect with old school buddies who were looking for him through me. He may have left eventually, but face book gave him an escape he couldn’t get at home where people know him.

  • Rich

    Bravo Cath!
    You are a normal person using your brain.
    Rest of you here are f***in lunatics 😀


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