NCBI ROFL: Beer goggles proven to exist; "beer before liquor, get sick quicker" hypothesis remains untested.

By ncbi rofl | August 10, 2009 4:16 pm

Alcohol consumption increases attractiveness ratings of opposite-sex faces: a possible third route to risky sex.

“AIMS: To measure the effect of moderate alcohol consumption on males’ and females’ attractiveness ratings of unfamiliar male and female faces. PARTICIPANTS: Eighty undergraduate volunteers were used in each of three experiments. … SETTING: Quiet, prepared corners of bars and licensed eating areas on a civic university campus. …FINDINGS: There was a significant alcohol consumption enhancement effect only for attractiveness ratings of opposite-sex faces in experiment 1. This indicates that the opposite-sex enhancement effect is not due simply to alcohol consumption causing the use of higher points of ratings scales, in general. CONCLUSION: Since Agocha & Cooper have shown that the likelihood of intentions to engage in risky sex increases as the facial attractiveness of the potential sexual partner increases, through the opposite-sex enhancement effect we identify a new possible link between risky sex and alcohol consumption.”

  • Anonymous

    …and another exciting new result that nobody would have predicted…

  • Anonymous

    Wasn't suprised when I saw that this research located in "Quiet, prepared corners of bars and licensed eating areas on a civic university campus" is from Scotland…

  • Anonymous

    The version I know goes "liquor before beer / you're in the clear // beer before liquor / never been sicker"


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