My Water Broke! Time to Twitter!

By Melissa Lafsky | August 12, 2009 2:22 pm

TwitterWe’re not so sure that, when it comes time for your Discoblog editors to give birth, we’ll be punching the gory details into our Blackberries and sending them across the Internets. But hey, that doesn’t mean other women aren’t doing it! CNN reports on the “trend” of mothers-to-be-any-minute-now tweeting the ins and, er, outs of their labor. From the article:

[A]s Sara Williams showed on Tuesday when she posted Twitter updates about giving birth to her child, online social networking has pushed its way into the delivery room.

It’s now a trend for expectant moms to post to sites such as Twitter from the time they conceive to the moment they deliver a baby into the world.

Williams, wife of Twitter CEO Evan Williams, posted to her 14,000-plus Twitter followers when her water broke, when she arrived at the hospital, during contractions and when she decided to get an epidural. Her husband broke the news on his Twitter feed that their “perfect baby boy” was delivered on Tuesday afternoon.

And when the baby arrives, you can be sure to set your wee one up with his/her own post-utero feed—which some tech-loving parents have already done.

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Image: flickr / Mykl Roventine

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  • Sidd

    Mom was too busy to tweet my birth, so I did it myself – I signed up right before the contractions started, alerting everyone that I was en route. It made it easier on mom & dad during the difficult childbirth to NOT have phone calls or emails from friends & family. Instead, they just followed my twitter account and knew every detail as it happened.


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