Had a Heart Attack? Start Eating Chocolate

By Boonsri Dickinson | August 13, 2009 5:59 pm

eszter.jpgNot that we need an excuse to eat chocolate, but if you’ve had a heart attack, you may want to grab the Ghirardelli. Scientists know that eating dark chocolate (not milk—that’s the obesity-feeder) can reduce person’s risk of stroke and heart disease. Now researchers have found that eating chocolate can increase a person’s chances of survival after they’ve suffered a heart attack.

In the Journal of Internal Medicine, Boston researchers published a study finding that when people who’d had a heart attack ate chocolate two to three times a week, they significantly reduced their risk of dying from heart disease.

The scientists studied over 1,000 non-diabetic Swedish men and women between the ages of 45 and 70, all of whom had suffered from a heart attack in the 1990s. They were asked about their diet over the past year and about how much chocolate they ate. The researchers compared their heath exam from the three months after their initial hospital stay to their condition eight years later. They found that “the incidence of fatal heart attacks correlated inversely with the amount of chocolate consumed.”

So what’s the secret in dark chocolate? The researchers believe the antioxidants in cocoa keep free radicals from damaging cells the body. Plus it tastes so darn good.

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  • Bas Saleh

    So.. how do you ask the deceased what their diet was? ie: how can you tell they didn’t have a fatal heart attack because of the chocolate if they obviously didn’t have a fatal heart attack? Am i missing something?

  • The Sine

    How much caffeine is in dark chocolate?

  • Christina Viering

    Another good reason to eat chocolate!

  • Markk

    #1 You never ask questions AFTER the fact for studies like these. If you see that someone is doing that then that is almost always a key that you shouldn’t much of that study. In this case the people in the study were asked about their diet right after their first heart attack. That is where they got the data about who ate chocolate. Then eight years later the survivors were checked for their health again. Looking back on who had said they ate chocolate 8 years before they found this corrolation between better heart health and Choc.

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  • http://jacklalannepowerjuicerpro.org/jacklalannespowerjuicer/ jack lalannes

    Well, you need to start somewhere. Dark chocolate does contain anti-oxidants. As with most “ground breaking” research…further study is required.


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