NCBI ROFL: Accidental anal intercourse: does it really happen?

By ncbi rofl | August 21, 2009 4:42 pm

“A postal survey was conducted of members of the Association of Forensic Physicians (UK) to determine whether accidental anal intercourse occurs in heterosexual relationships and, if so, whether intoxication by alcohol or drugs and sexual inexperience were likely to be causative factors. Of the 512 (47.9%) replies, there were 498 individuals who had had a previous heterosexual relationship and may have experienced accidental anal intercourse. Of these, there were 26 (7.2%) males and 14 (10.4%) females who reported at least one lifetime episode of accidental anal intercourse. Amongst those with a history of accidental anal intercourse, 79% reported that they were sexually experienced at the time and 83% reported that their partners were sexually experienced. Personal intoxication by alcohol or drugs at the time of accidental anal intercourse was reported by 43%, with 41% reporting that their partners were intoxicated.”

Thanks to Jennifer for today’s ROFL!

  • Anonymous

    Surprise butt-sex actually exists!

  • Deray


  • Anonymous

    Yeah. It happens. Just saying.

  • Ciaran

    I slipped, sorry.

  • Anonymous

    surprise-butt sex ?

  • Anonymous

    Surprise butt-sex HURTS

  • jessee

    Yeat hard wreckless strokes. It slips out then slips in the wrong hole. Quite a shock!

  • Dave

    Note to self… plausible excuse.

  • Joanna Cake

    I can see how the man might accidentally penetrate the wrong hole on the woman but she should be able to feel the difference and put him right before full intercourse occurs, you’d think…

    LMAO at Anonymous with surprise butt sex hurts. Exactly, if you’re being a bit enthusiastic and gungho in the right hole, it is easy to slide out and end up bashing against the other entrance but, invariably it’s a bit of a painful shock for both parties.

    People would have to be pretty intoxicated on whatever substance to have ful anal intercourse by accident!

  • Anon

    It’s a surprise for somebody! An accident? Probably not.


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