Weekly News Roundup: Robot Chauffeurs and Hand-Holding Otters

By Allison Bond | August 28, 2009 1:30 pm

Yee-haw! It’s the blog roundup.• Back away from the game controller: Venezuela is laying out a plan for a new law that would ban violent video games in an effort to cut back on rampant crime in the country, even though studies have been unable to prove a link between gaming and violent behavior.

• Because walking, trams, and moving walkways are so last millennium, business travelers at London’s Healthrow Airport will soon be able to hitch a ride on driverless podcars. The battery-powered, robotic cars constitute the first personalized rapid transit system that lets riders control their destination.

•In a meaty ode to the food web site This is Why You’re Fat, here are 10 structures made entirely out of meat. Feats of engineering, no doubt.

• How one scientist hopes to turn chicken embryos into dinosaurs. Not only is it scientifically implausible, but it seems like there was a movie based on a similar idea—and it didn’t turn out well (for the humans, that is).

• Can red help you score? It seems red doesn’t just make women more attractive to men; it can also help make sports teams more victorious.

• And finally, infinitely adorable otters holding hands… er, paws?

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  • danthemanhan

    I saw otters holding hands at the Vancouver aquarium, and then they started mating.


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