MSNBC Revisits "The Blue Man" (Spoiler: His Skin Is Still Blue)

By Melissa Lafsky | September 10, 2009 12:20 pm

More than a year after his first appearance, The Today Show revisited Paul Karason, who suffered an extremely rare side effect when he took colloidal silver to treat a skin condition: His skin turned blue. Not a light shade of azure or a sky blue—we’re talking full-on Smurf. While the 58-year-old isn’t exactly the picture of health—he was recently treated for a blocked artery and prostate cancer—a recent physical indicated that his heart, lungs, kidney and liver were all healthy. Watch the full interview here:

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  • Sheldon

    Blippitt: You’ve included a deceptive pseudo-quote there. No where in this article does it say that he got a “clean bill of health.” It actually says, “he was recently treated for a blocked artery and prostate cancer.” The other part of that sentence says “a recent physical indicated that his heart, lungs, kidney and liver were all healthy.” So to recap:

    Signs of health: heart, lungs, kidney and liver.
    Signs of illness: blocked artery and PROSTATE CANCER.

    I think that puts colloidal silver well within the category of junk science.

    • Andys8675309

      Naw he did it wrong.  I’m not saying it is a super cure or even effective but some one doing something improperly hardly disproves it’s medical use.

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  • Kevin

    “colloidal silver” is not colloidal–it is ionic silver. When ingested it forms silver chloride, which precipitates out of solution. Yes, it can accumulate in the skin and turn you blue or gray.

    True colloids are silver nanoparticles–just really tiny pieces of pure silver–not silver ions. They do not react and will not turn you blue. I am not affiliated with this company, but I believe their claims of a true colloid and have tried their product:

  • Mark


    Collodial silver is not a natural cure for either blocked arteries or Cancer. It is for colds and flus.

  • Aaron

    The collodial silver was used to treat a skin condition not the blocked arteries or cancer…

  • Geo

    Silver has great antibacterial properties.
    it’s used in modern wound dressing for wound sthat won’t heal – especially for the elderly.

    Kids raised with a silver spoon get less sickness.

    Old royalty were called blue bloods becuase they ate off silver utensils which gave their skin a blue cast.

  • Piotr

    Turning blue is not an “an extremely rare side effect”, it is a natural consequence of ingesting colloidal silver in sufficient quantities. It is dose related.

  • Colloidal Silver

    If he had taken monatomic colloidal silver atoms, rated at 3000 PPM, he would not have turned blue, because there are NO chemicals in that particular product. Far more effective than Chemical Silver Nano Particles. GoldenGevity has a unique process wherby chemicals are not needed. While its true Silver is antiviral and antibacterial, its the combined chemicals that cause the blue effect. Colloidal Silver atoms are the best.

  • perfectmus

    Its Possible that the skin collor can be restored by using Colloidal Iridium and Ruthenium.

  • 1kitty234



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