NCBI ROFL: But I want to eat my cheese-pie now!

By ncbi rofl | September 23, 2009 3:00 pm

Thermal burn of palate caused by microwave heated cheese-pie: A case report.

“ABSTRACT: A female patient, 36-years-old, complained of bilateral palatal pain on the anatomical area of upper second molars. The painful condition of palatal mucosa erosion was observed. Palatal erosions or ulcerations may be caused by heated food cooked in microwave ovens. We present a case of a bilateral palatal burn caused by cheese-pie. Concluding, any food containing cheese, when heated in microwave oven, may cause palatal burn if eaten immediately.”

Thanks to Rebecca for today’s ROFL!

  • Adam L.

    It's so true! Did they cite references about the negative effects of hot pizza to back up their findings?

  • Amy

    They did! And an article about exploding eggs! Hurrah for freely available content on PubMedCentral:

  • Anonymous

    I want cheese pie.

  • Anonymous

    ..but to date there has been no causal relationship established in the case of a bilateral palatal burn subsequent to consumption of a forkful of mashed potatoes immediately after microwaving..

    And — isn't the 'burn' in question technically a 'scald'? I always thought 'burn' fell on the continuum from, like, 98.6 to *carbon*. (Now I *am* just being silly.)

  • WILL

    Jim Gaffigan: "Is your hot pocket cold in the middle? – It’s frozen. But it can be served boiling lava hot. ….Will it burn my mouth? – It’ll destroy your mouth."


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