Man Boots Memories From Brain Straight to Computer

By Boonsri Dickinson | September 28, 2009 2:26 pm

Sensecam1Our obsession with posting photos on Facebook, tweeting our every move, and surfing the Internet creates an electronic trail of our life, whether we like it or not. But 75-year-old Microsoft researcher Gordon Bell takes digital recording to a whole new level: He creates e-memories so he won’t have to remember a single detail of his days.

Bell lugs around video cameras and audio recorders to record every action and social interaction. Not only does he save receipts by taking digital pictures of them, he records every single bill, medical record, and conversation. So far he’s in his tenth year of living this digital lifestyle and has amassed more than 350 gigabytes of memory (not including the video storage).

If you’re jealous, the good news is that soon you might be able to make your own digital library of your life. Microsoft is creating a SenseCam, a device that would hang around your neck and take pictures.

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Image: flickr/ Aquillo

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  • Jdhuey

    Ok. We have a really really big filing system here, what is the retrieval system like?

  • Dude

    An even bigger ladder.

  • Chris

    what a horrible idea. 99% (with a large margin of error) of what happens is totally boring, pointless, and most appropriately forgotten.

  • Carol

    this would be great for someone with senile dementia or alzheimer’s but for those without, not really necessary? So for 75 year old Gordon Bell perhaps this is an excellent way for him to document his latter years for his children and grandchildren but also a convenient way for him to remain semi-independent while experiencing diminishing memory through the aging process.

  • Art

    Sign me up! I could use some help recalling things I miss when I’m tuning out conversation.

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  • Boy’s Clothing Sets

    Hello…pretty good blog!


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