Billionaire to Throw a "Tickle Party" in Space

By Brett Israel | September 29, 2009 1:01 pm

space_cokeAstronauts can’t be all business all the time; sometimes you just have to cut loose. Well that’s exactly what billionaire red-nosed clown Guy Laliberte intends to help the astronauts do when they blast into space tomorrow.

From the AP:

The man who hopes to be the first clown in space, Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte, said Tuesday he would tickle fellow astronauts as they sleep aboard the International Space Station.

The crew must be ecstatic to have him aboard. Laliberte might want to stick to handing out red noses and let the astronauts rest up so they can, um, fly a space shuttle. compiled a slideshow of their top nine space antics, a list that will surely include Laliberte’s ticklefest in the future. But for now it seems that astronauts’ favorite pastimes involve playing space golf, eating space fast-food, and dumping space trash.

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Image: NASA

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  • Haruspex

    “ complied a slideshow” should be “ compiled a slideshow”

    “Laliberte might want to stick handing out red noses” should be “Laliberte might want to stick to handing out red noses”

    Just a heads up ^_^ It looks like that might be AP’s fault x_x

    This was a humorous, albeit annoying for the astronauts, piece of news. Thanks for the information.

  • Brett Israel

    Thanks Haruspex!

  • MarkD

    Oh let the man do his thing up there.

    We will have to have some entertainment on larger space missions someday so people don’t go nuts. I’m sure they will appreciate some fun up there.

    If he does not come up with some form of impressive Zero G maneuver or trick, or his water presentation sucks, THEN criticize him. Till then, you guys are just jealous. Well, I am too.

  • Haruspex

    Those were fast fixes, nice work Brett ^_^

  • Brian

    Shades of Homer Simpson going into space and nearly killing everyone! Not that Laliberte is dumb, but I have a vision of him approaching a serious-minded astronaut type and attempting the tickle maneuver. It would be like trying to tickle Henry Kissinger or the Russians! Not good.

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