NCBI ROFL: Emergency contraception and fire extinguishers: a prevention paradox.

By ncbi rofl | September 29, 2009 3:00 pm

“Fires and unintended pregnancies are important causes of morbidity, mortality, and financial loss in the United States. Home fire extinguishers and emergency contraception are both effective preventive interventions. The disparity between access to fire extinguishers and emergency contraception is irrational and indirectly hurts women’s health. Although fire extinguishers require the user to make a diagnosis, choose the appropriate treatment, and assume some risk of serious injury and death, these canisters of pressurized chemicals are widely available without restriction. In contrast, women face several unnecessary obstacles to overcome before using emergency contraception, which is both simpler and safer to use. Clearly, a double standard prevails in prevention strategies for women.”

Thanks to Sarah for today’s ROFL!

  • Deray

    I was glad to read that this was an opinion and not an actual study!

  • Nobilis Reed

    Deray: Backing up the opinion with data, in order to make a "study" would be pretty trivial.

  • Anonymous

    It seems I miss the point here. Should I find it funny that the availability of fire extinguishers and contraception is not the same? With the first I destroy a fire that could kill people. With the second I kill a child. so who can really wonder why you should think more about the second one?

  • Deray

    Nobilis: indeed, it would be a trivial study but, after seeing many of the studies here, it wouldn't surprise me 😉

  • Anonymous

    In reply to "Anonymous" who thinks that contraceptives kill children, I would like to go on record as saying that I have never killed a child with a condom, nor do I ever expect to. As for the pill that women take on a daily basis, the only way I would imagine that would kill a child is if you had infant take the pill orally and the infant choked to death on it. I would have to consult actuarial tables, but I doubt this happens very often.

  • www.johan

    as i am not from a medical so i don'nt know so much about that topic….. i just wana say in the situation of fire a fire extinguisher is best to control it…….


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