Conservation and Boozing Collide: Turning Rainwater Into Beer

By Brett Israel | September 30, 2009 12:45 pm

Atlanta was hit hard with heavy rains and severe flooding last week. But for a part of the country that was in such a deep drought the governor resorted to praying for rain, it makes sense that the good citizens of the ATL aren’t letting this newfound water go to waste. In fact, the conservationists at 5 Seasons Brewing Company in Atlanta are using their collected rainwater to make beer.

From The Huffington Post:

The local brewery uses 100% filtered rainwater that’s captured on-site to create their “green beer” (not to be confused with the St. Patrick’s Day type). The brewers believe that rainwater is cleaner and softer than city water, which makes their beer even better.

And here’s the video, from CNN:

Embedded video from CNN Video

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Image: flickr / brendan.wood

  • alice

    You go David and Crawford!
    I just wish someone would spotlight all the other ecologically conscientious things you are doing with the restaurants, such as using part of the spent grains from the brewing process to make spent grain bread for the restaurants, and giving the rest of the spent grain to local organic farms, who compost it and use it in their farming, and then the restaurant uses these organically grown veggies on their menu…neat cycle, right??
    and using the used kitchen oil to power the Biermog (firetruck they use for special events, etc,), using the used kitchen oil to power the beer making process,

  • Art

    If they didn’t collect it, it would fill lakes and replenish water tables. Am I wrong? Sounds like a catch 22.

  • NDPH2O

    GEE ART……recent flooding of GA should show you how good the infrastructure for drainage is…..also how much pollution goes into those lakes and streams. The Hooch is dealing with all sorts of problems. Glad to see a business that is forward thinking

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