How To Build A Computer Inside a Deceased Beaver

By Brett Israel | October 1, 2009 10:53 am

beaver_webFinally, a way to combine our love of taxidermy with our love of technology.


Fearing that the natural world is being replaced by technology, the artist [Kasey McMahon] installed a working computer inside of an idle beaver. First, she crafted a computer from the motherboard up, tested it, then hollowed out a stuffed beaver and molded the two together using spandex spray, resin, and fiberglass. After three months of work, the result was Compubeaver…

Yes, it’s an actual working computer inside a stuffed beaver. And you too can build one in 29 easy steps!

Also, don’t miss Compubeaver’s sidekick, Text-O-Possum, which comes equipped with a laser in it’s back leg that projects an image of a keyboard. So it doesn’t actually text, you say? Well that doesn’t matter, since carrying this thing around will ensure that no one wants to talk to you.

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Image: Psycho Girlfriend

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  • Romeo Vitelli

    There are no limits to the creativity of people with way too much time on their hands.

  • G Hats

    If only these people applied their time and creativity to more productive means. Imagine after all these years of people putting effort into things like the Compubeaver, how much better off the human race would have been if they diverted their efforts to the real problems that face us and our planet. But I guess the Compubeaver is as important as clean water, global warming, over population, etc, right?

  • T. Mitchell

    @G Hats – The same could be said about people that post snarky comments on a website. I don’t know who you are or what you do, but consider this… when was the last time you went out and did something productive for humanity?

    To the artist, this was not a waste of time. She now has a computer with character and a definite conversation piece. I applaud her creativity on this project. It certainly isn’t something that I would have in my office but if she enjoys it, that’s all that really matters.

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