Fighting Child Obesity, One Bake Sale at a Time

By Melissa Lafsky | October 5, 2009 11:59 am

chocolate cakeYes, children are getting fatter in the U.S. And reactions are ranging from none at all to borderline extreme. On the latter end of this spectrum comes the announcement that bake sales are being banned in all New York City schools. The New York Times reports:

In an effort to limit how much sugar and fat students put in their bellies at school, the Education Department has effectively banned most bake sales, the lucrative if not quite healthy fund-raising tool for generations of teams and clubs.

The change is part of a new wellness policy that also limits what can be sold in vending machines and student-run stores, which use profits to help finance activities like pep rallies and proms. The elaborate rules were outlined in a three-page memo issued at the end of June, but in the new school year, principals and parents are just beginning to, well, digest them.

Granted, all hope is not lost for sweets-craving sugar addicts:

Parent groups and Parent-Teacher Associations are conspicuously given an exception: once a month they are allowed to sell as many dark fudge brownies and lemon bars as they please, so long as lunch has ended.

Sticks of butter will also be available at a discount.

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  • Kellie Glass RD, LD

    As a Registered Dietitian, I believe we have gone a little overboard with banning bake sales. If we teach our kids how to lead an overall healthy lifestyle, we can enjoy all foods in moderation. We need to focus our efforts on teaching parents how to make healthy choices in 4 main areas: nutrition, exercise, stress management and sleep. For more information, see my book, “How To Eat Fried Chicken and Be Thin Too” on Amazon or

  • Becky

    I agree with Kellie… bake sales shouldn’t have to be banned altogether, moderation should be taught. I believe that inactivity is also a leading cause of child obesity. It is just so hard being a parent these days… life is so demanding that many parents don’t have time to be active with their children, or have forgotten how to implement an active life-style altogether. Dr. John E. Mayer has come out with a great book titled, “Family Fit,” that teaches parents great activities to do with their children as well as great nutritional information. I would rather schools educate parents and children then to do away with fun activities- bake sales are very beneficial and a lot of fun.

  • Bev Cabreja

    I have often been known to agree a lot with a lot of topics but I have to say with this one I have some different views. Keep it up though and stand your ground with your principles.

  • Grady Urdiano

    Took me time to read all the comments, but I genuinely enjoyed the post. It proved to be Quite helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters right here Its always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained Im positive you had fun writing this write-up.


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