Swine Flu Fashion? Japan Introduces Swine Flu-Proof Suit

By Boonsri Dickinson | October 7, 2009 5:14 pm

fluwebSwine flu season is raging, but there are ways to protect yourself: Get the swine flu vaccine, wash your hands, wear a mask over your nose and mouth…or buy a suit designed to protect against the flu.

After a year of designing and testing, Haruyama Trading Co. is now selling a line of 50,000 “swine-flu-proof suits” at $580 a piece. The suit is coated in titanium dioxide (a chemical used in toothpaste and cosmetics). The idea behind it is simple: When the virus lands on your clothing and is hit by light, the coating will kill any virus particles. (Titanium dioxide behaves like a photocatalyst, which needs light before it can destroy a virus.) The company claims the suit can still flight the flu even after it has gone through the wash.

We’re not sure how the suit is selling so far, but we do know that swine flu is spreading in Japan: 18 people have died so far and 23,275 cases of flu have been reported.

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  • Carter

    Viruses and cells are entirely different, and viruses are not made of cells – in fact, there’s some debate as to whether viruses are even truly ‘alive,’ though of course they are allowed to occupy a gray area since there is no all-encompassing scientific definition of life. But anyway, a single virus may be known as a virus particle or virion.

  • The Sine

    I would say “virus cells” meant infected cells, but then, killing them wouldn’t necessarily destroy the viruses.

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  • http://www.oxititan.com OxiTitan

    Nanoscale anatase titanium dioxide has been studied in depth and does deactivate virions, including RNA virus such as H1N1, through photooxidative destruction of the proteins within. Proved effective against human enterovirus, and all bacteria and also effective in deactivating spores.

  • http://www.swineflufashion.com Swine Flu Fashion

    Intresting post!

  • Misty

    Though a Swine Flu suit is very… inventive…the logic behind an anti-viral suit is slightly amusing. Viruses aren’t contracted through the skin – especially the parts covered by a suit, but through the eyes and nasal passages. I’m trying to figure out how an anti-viral suit will help a person avoid getting Swine Flu. :)


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