DISCOVER CEO Makes Good on Promise, Gets Science Tattoo

By Brett Israel | October 14, 2009 11:17 am

tattoocrop3_webDISCOVER CEO and Publisher Henry Donahue is sporting some fresh ink! You may recall that he made a pact with Bad Astronomy blogger Phil Plait that Henry would get a tattoo if traffic for topped 5 million page views per month. The catch was that Phil had to get 2 million views on his blog alone.

Being a good sport, Phil stepped up to the challenge and offered to get a reader-suggested tat himself if he achieved his traffic goals.

Well, thanks to you, dear readers, both goals were met back in March of 2009, and Henry has followed through on his end of the deal. The tattoo, seen at left, was inspired by the Book of Kells, a famous illustrated Celtic manuscript from 800 A.D.

Stay tuned to Bad Astronomy for details on Phil’s tattoo.

(Note: According to Phil, no alcohol was involved in their bet. Rather the idea was inspired by Carl Zimmer‘s fantastical Science Tattoo Emporium.)

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  • Darlene


  • sung


  • Dave H

    Nice piece of work. An image from an early Medieval Christian text. Somehow fitting for the head of a science magazine.

    Not sure how it is a “science tattoo,” though.

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  • Sarah

    very nice! who’s the artist?

  • Henry Donahue

    Artist was Damion Ross at Adorned in NYC.

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  • John Baxter

    Henry’s tatoo is nifty. Sometime this decade (never mind the argument) we’ll see BA’s.


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