Robot Army Could Explore Space, Researchers Say

By Brett Israel | October 28, 2009 4:53 pm

robot-space-army-webInstead of spending time and money planning a manned mission to Mars, why not send an army of robots into space to do all the work? A fleet of robots could be deployed to explore far-away planets, according to researchers at Caltech’s Visual and Autonomous Exploration Systems Research Laboratory.

From the Telegraph:

Robotic airships and satellites will fly above the surface of the distant world, commanding squadrons of wheeled rovers and floating robot boats…The systems will transform planetary exploration, says [Wolfgang] Fink, who envisages the cybernetic adventurers mapping the land and seascapes of Saturn’s moon, Titan—believed to have lakes of standing liquid—as well as closer planetary neighbors like Mars.

Researchers say the robots could command themselves and other robots with little input from ground control. All of which seems like a great idea, since the human space flight program isn’t likely to take off anytime soon.

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Image: NASA

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  • Christina Viering

    I like the idea.

  • William

    About some telecommunication system and hardware issues must be handled.At the same time, Budgeting control, investment and finanical aid must be taken in consideration. It a big deal.Not easy.

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  • David

    And when the missions extend to other stars, of course robot armies and fighter-planes will also be included, in case there are some inconvenient residents already living on the explored worlds.

  • Matt T

    Not that I don’t like the idea, but how is this “new”s? The idea of “small, cheap, and redundant” has been around so long it might be in some history books. Com’on Caltech, you can do better than that.

  • AlexMotto

    I think all of you,including Caltech,should consider the advanced concepts
    of(in) JAMES BLISH,a scientific fiction writer.He´s close of a true possibility,the best one ive seen………………………………….

    (…) and…why not, realistically,consider the “Human transformation”,in the basis that a fundamentalaproachConservingHumanSpecificCharacteristics
    will be conserved ??…………….TellME More…..what does mean “to be Human” ??…………………………….All WE are LEARNERS,inheriting the FUTURE..(Eric Hoffer),but,WHO Will Choose for HUMANKIND ? ?……….. (AlexMotto)

  • Eamon

    Of course there is the problem of trying to discriminate between good samples with robots. It’ll be a long time in my opinion before robots even begin to reach within sight of people’s “hmmm – that looks interesting” ability.

  • Connor

    As long as we can call it Skynet and battle it for control of the Earth later, I’m all for a robotic army.


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