Prepare to Be Amazed… An iPhone App That Can Read Minds!

By Brett Israel | November 10, 2009 5:09 pm

Stare into the backlit screen of the magic iPhone as Irene’s Spirit reveals the unknown… This spooky new app claims to have the power to bring messages from the spirit world.

OK, so this is obviously a trick. But can anyone out there explain to us how this bit of wizardry actually works? If you’ve plunked down the $1.99 for the app, please clue us in.

Also, please tell me that if you ask, “Where is my bike?”, Irene tells you to look in the basement of the Alamo.

UPDATE: The developer’s of Irene’s Spirit were kind enough to let us preview the app. I’ll just say that like any illusion, Irene’s Spirit runs on showmanship, slight of hand, and a little knowledge about your audience.

From one of our tweeps, @carolyn_w: Ok here’s a hint. “Irene” reads minds about as well as the person who is using/controlling the app.

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Video: YouTube / Irenesspirit

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  • BMoreKarl

    I’m guessing it accesses other cache data from the browser/youtube, etc.

    keyword searches would probably give an ap the football answer. your alamo link is busted.


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