So Long, Colostomy Bag: British Man Gets Remote-Controlled Sphincter

By Andrew Moseman | November 19, 2009 4:15 pm

Ged220Briton Ged Galvin survived that vicious car wreck that nearly took his life. Unfortunately, the accident crushed some of his organs and left him needing a colostomy bag to go to the bathroom.

That was until his doctors created his cyborg sphincter. Yes, you read that correctly. Doctors removed muscle from above Galvin’s knee, wrapped it around his damaged sphincter, and attached electrodes to the nerves. Now, when Galvin goes to the bathroom he simply presses a button on a remote control.

From The Telegraph:

Mr Galvin, who had previously endured the indignity of carrying a colostomy bag, added: “I thought that in these days of modern medicine surely there was something they could do. They’d mended everything else – why not this? Anything was better than a colostomy bag.

“The operation changed my life and gave me back my pride and confidence. Because of the remote control I can lead a normal life again.”

Outstanding. Though hopefully Galvin’s remote has a lock that prevents him from accidentally triggering it while it’s in his pocket.

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Image: Anna Lythgoe/SWNS.COM

  • Chris TMC

    My grandmother had to have a colostomy and I know how much it bothered her. This type of an advance is wonderful to hear, I only wish that she was still with us to utilize it.

  • CW

    “Cyborg Sphincter” sounds like the weapon used by the arch villain, Dr. Monty Zumasrevenge.


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